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- A Temple University professor sifts through the data and looks at the pros and cons of using CCTV.

Decoding the Digital Picture

- A look at some of the integral aspects of surveillance systems to help security directors make informed decisions.

CCTV at Another Junction

- Few places in public life are out of the eye of video cameras, subway and passenger train cars being one of the last refuges for the surveillance-shy. That may be changing, as rail security professionals consider expanding the use of cameras from stations and tunnels to the passenger cars themselves.

Head of Intelligence Community Defends Updated FISA

- Mike McConnell argued that Congress should make the expanded surveillance powers they permitted in August permanent.

Is Britain Becoming a Surveillance Society?

- A new poll and report says "Yes."

Video monitoring

- A new Wyoming law (formerly S.B. 129) makes it a felony to intentionally and surreptitiously record images of people in an enclosed area where they have an expectation of privacy, such as a bathroom, shower, or dressing room.

Watching Over Guests

- In contrast, the 3VR system requires employee training of about 15 minutes, and it has generally performed as promised. For example, to aid police on the case involving the robbery by the prostitute, the Talbott’s security staff used two key components of the 3VR system: its ability to rapidly narrow down video footage based on the hour, the location, and any unusual physical movement; and its ability to help staff find suspects using the facial recognition feature.

Who’s Listening?

- Electronic eavesdroppers have many ways to pick up your private conversations. Find out how to catch them.


- The percentage of the U.S. border currently covered by  remote video surveillance cameras.

Worth a Look: A Web Camera for Surveillance

- Now, setting up a surveillance network—including motion-activation sensors—is as simple as plugging a Web camera into a computer’s USB port.

CCTV Can Offer Early Warning of Crowd Panic Problems

- The New Scientist reports on new research findings that analysis of surveillance camera footage could help people spot and warn of dangerous tensions developing in crowds that are on the verge of panic, which might allow officials to avert the problem.

Cartoon Cops Patrol Chinese Web Users

- Chinese Government creates cartoon cops to police Web.

New Details on Surveillance by Government Revealed

-  "National Intelligence Director Mike McConnell pulled the curtain back on previously classified details of government surveillance," wrote the AP. "McConnell confirmed for the first time that the private sector assisted with President Bush's warrantless surveillance program," it said. "Offering never-disclosed figures, McConnell also revealed that fewer than 100 people inside the United States are monitored under FISA warrants. However, he said, thousands of people overseas are monitored," the story further noted.

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