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NYPD Radicalization Report

- An influential report by the New York Police Department’s Intelligence Division charts common factors and stages in the path to radical Islam and terrorist violence.

U.S. Congressional Legislation: Chemical Facilities

- A bill (H.R. 2868) intended to increase security at chemical facilities has been approved by the House of Representatives. It has been referred to the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee.

U.S. Congressional Legislation: Bioterrorism

- A bill (S. 1649) that would seek to prevent terrorist attacks in part by strengthening security at laboratories that handle dangerous pathogens has been approved by the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee. The measure must now be considered by the full Senate.

Elsewhere in the Courts: Terrorism

- A federal court upheld the sentencing of disbarred attorney Lynne Stewart, who was convicted of passing messages from her client Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman to his followers.


- Why do some radicalized, would-be terrorists walk away from violent extremism? A new report by Michael Jacobson of the Washington Institute for Near East Policy looks for answers.

Failure is an Option, Failing to Learn is Not

- Why failure must be an option in the fight against terrorism.

The Evolving Terrorist Threat

- For years terrorism experts have allayed concerns over domestic "homegrown" terrorists in the United States, but that attitude is changing in light of events such as the November shootings at Fort Hood.

New U.S. Deradicalization Effort Shows Promise, Expert Says

- A new U.S.-led deradicalization program in Afghanistan shows evidence of effectiveness, due in part to detainees’ perception that they are being treated better than their counterparts who were held in prior years, a leading researcher said Friday.

Nuclear Power Plants Vulnerable to Attack, Former CIA Officer Says

- The United States is woefully unprepared to protect its nuclear power plants from a terrorist attack, a former CIA officer divulged on yesterday.

U.S. Military Should Rely on Social Science More to Fight Jihadism, Anthropologist Argues

- The United States military would do better to rely on science-based field research rather than military technology to defeat violent radicalization and the terrorism it spawns among young Muslims globally, an anthropologist told lawmakers.

Intelligence Firm Says Recent Incidents are Indeed Terrorism

- The global intelligence firm Stratfor argues recent attacks on Fort Hood, Texas; the IRS building in Austin, Texas; and the Pentagon are indeed domestic terrorism.

Al Qaeda and Other Jihadists Increasingly Wage Econo-Jihad, Study Finds

- A new study argues al Qaeda and affiliated jihadists increasingly see their war against the United States and the West as an economic battle rather than a military one.


- A U.S. citizen who was wrongly accused of involvement in the 2004 Madrid train bombing and held for two weeks under suspicion of terrorism may not pursue his lawsuit against the government, a federal appeals court has ruled. According to the court, since the government already promised to destroy all surveillance materials and compensated the citizen monetarily, he had nothing left to sue over.

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