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U.S. Military Should Rely on Social Science More to Fight Jihadism, Anthropologist Argues

- The United States military would do better to rely on science-based field research rather than military technology to defeat violent radicalization and the terrorism it spawns among young Muslims globally, an anthropologist told lawmakers.

Intelligence Firm Says Recent Incidents are Indeed Terrorism

- The global intelligence firm Stratfor argues recent attacks on Fort Hood, Texas; the IRS building in Austin, Texas; and the Pentagon are indeed domestic terrorism.

Al Qaeda and Other Jihadists Increasingly Wage Econo-Jihad, Study Finds

- A new study argues al Qaeda and affiliated jihadists increasingly see their war against the United States and the West as an economic battle rather than a military one.


- A U.S. citizen who was wrongly accused of involvement in the 2004 Madrid train bombing and held for two weeks under suspicion of terrorism may not pursue his lawsuit against the government, a federal appeals court has ruled. According to the court, since the government already promised to destroy all surveillance materials and compensated the citizen monetarily, he had nothing left to sue over.

Bill Will Launch Review of Anthrax Investigation

- An amendment to the Intelligence Authorization Act will direct the government to investigate the anthrax attacks of 2001 to determine whether they originated from outside the United States.

Morning Security Brief: More Taliban Leaders Rounded Up, Serious Cyberattack is No Drill, and Geolocation Risks Highlighted

- Two more Taliban leaders apprehended, geolocation risks highlighted, cyberattack on corporate computers ongoing, and Bernard Kerik to be sentenced.

Counterterror, Technology, and Reaction

- COMMENT: The United States must learn to stop and think—rather than react—after an attack if it wants to defeat jihadist terrorists.

Counterterror, Technology, and Reaction

- COMMENT: The United States must learn to stop and think—rather than react—after an attack if it wants to defeat jihadist terrorists. (Web Only)

Anatomy of a Homegrown Terrorist

- Omar Hammami, son of a Syrian father and American mother, was born and raised in the United States and was by all accounts well-adjusted and popular, even being elected school president his sophomore year. Today, he is a notorious terrorist in Somalia. The New York Times Sunday magazine examines his path to radicalization.

9-11 Terrorism Trial Could Move to New Venue Because of Security and Cost Concerns

- Political opposition, the threat of terrorism, and security costs have begun to eat away at the Justice Department's decision to try the mastermind behind the 9-11 attacks and four co-conspirators in federal court in Manhattan, according to numerous media reports today.

The War on Terrorism: A Collision of Values, Strategies, and Societies

- An overpriced volume that argues terrorism is a product of jihadism's rejection of globalism.

Beyond Terror and Martyrdom: The Future of the Middle East

- Beyond Terror and Martyrdom is a good book overtaken by the rush of history.

NYC Subway Security System Way Over Budget and Past Due

- The agency responsible for the New York City transportation system does not have enough money to complete a state-of-the-art security system okayed after the attacks of September 11, 2001, according to various media reports.

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