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Fort Hood Ramps Up Security After Rampage

- The U.S. Army installation at Fort Hood, Texas, has strengthened its security policies and procedures after the shooting rampage that killed 12 soldiers and a civilian, reports

Engineering Jihad?

- One review of extremists' educational histories suggests they tend to study engineering, but critics caution about extrapolating too much from the data.

India Improves its Counterterrorism Approach as Mumbai Anniversary Approaches

- One year after the Mumbai terror attacks, India has invested heavily in revamping its counterterrorism readiness.

Terrorism Expert Urges Caution on Ft. Hood Massacre

- A terrorism expert yesterday told Congress that the Fort Hood Massacre was an act of terrorism but probably could not have been prevented unless the United States resorted to police state tactics.

How Does One Walk the Path to Terrorism?

- As congressional investigations into the Fort Hood attack begin today, NPR asks "What Makes a Terrorist?"

Fear of Terrorism Erodes U.S. Democracy, Research Finds

- Amid the backdrop of the rampage at Fort Hood, Texas, and other recent homegrown terrorism plots, two researchers argue that terrorism-related news coverage profoundly affects public opinion in a way that threatens democracy.

Alleged 9-11 Mastermind To Be Tried in New York City, DOJ to Announce

- The Department of Justice will announce today the prosecution of the self-described mastermind of the 9-11 attacks, Khalid Sheik Mohammed, and four co-conspirators in federal court in New York City, reports The New York Times.

Terrorism Plot Unlikely in Ft. Hood Massacre

- There is no evidence that the rampage at Fort Hood orchestrated by the alleged shooter, Major Nidal Malik Hasan, was part of a larger terrorism plot, reports The New York Times.

Does Aviation Security Trump Public Transportation Security?

- With deadly terrorist atrocities in London and Madrid revealing the vulnerability of the nation's public transit systems to attack, a Boston television investigative team wants to know why aviation security receives so much funding as opposed to public transport security.

A California County Shows How to Waste Homeland Security Grants

- A county in California demonstrates how homeland security money is wasted on technology that first responders don't need and doesn't work very well.

Choosing the Right Antiterrorism Crash Barrier

- The proliferating threat of vehicle-borne bombs means vulnerable facilities need to choose the right antiterrorism crash barrier to protect their buildings and human life. (Online Exclusive)

The Search for Al Qaeda: Its Leadership, Ideology, and Future

- The Search for al Qaeda ranks as one of the very best books about al Qaeda since 9-11.

Toxico-terrorism: Emergency Response and Clinical Approach to Chemical, Biological, and Radiological Agents

- An informative, but technical, book outlining the clinical treatment of patients exposed to chemical, biological, or radiological weapons of mass destruction.

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