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Reacting to Calls for Proaction

- Proactive. Preemptive. Preventive. These have been industry watchwords for at least the last decade, as security professionals recognized the need to implement security before an incident occurred and not to let security be event-driven. But since 9-11, event-driven security has been reborn. Now, the term relates to the ramping up of security preemptively to fend off a terrorist attack that might target a specific industry, location, or event.

Massive Terrorism Crackdown in Saudi Arabia

- 208 militants, forming six separate cells, were arrested for terrorist activity.


- Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory creates software to help prepare for chemical, biological, and radiological attacks.

Terrorism and Organized Hate Crime: Intelligence Gathering, Analysis and Investigations, Second Edition

- As hate and terror organizations become more complex, investigators must collect intelligence and properly analyze it to keep pace. This book offers excellent insight into the process that professionals could apply in all investigative areas.

Dressed to Kill?

- Holy security lapse! When, in September, a protester dressed as Batman scaled the front wall of Buckingham Palace and stood on a ledge for five hours to demand more equitable child custody rights for divorced fathers, the public may have been amused, but security was not. The episode revealed how easily the security perimeter could be breached.

Is Homeland Security Strategically Focused?

- Although 9-11 is said to have changed everything, the United States hasn't sufficiently changed the way it fights terrorism.

Terrorism Today: The Past, the Players, the Future, Second Edition

- Like the first edition, this updated version explores various approaches to the study of terrorism and its impact on society. The authors make the point that terrorists have many faces--not just those of Osama bin Laden and his followers, but others such as the U.S. citizen who opens fire in an abortion clinic.

Modern Jihad: Tracing the Dollars Behind the Terror Networks

- Terrorists need money--and lots of it--to carry out their operations and to sustain themselves. With its intriguing title and an author who is an economist and a journalist, this book promised to offer revealing information on terrorist financial networks. Alas, such is not the case.

Bin Laden to Address Europeans; UN Says al Qaeda Still Potent

- Al Qaeda's media arm says a new message from Osama Bin Laden is set for release soon.

Diagnosis Prognosis More Positive

- The University of Iowa strengthens its ability to identify symptoms of bioterrorism.


- Several new bills introduced by lawmakers focused on helping states respond to acts of terrorism. The bills would have established grant programs to help fund states' first responder activities; the bills also would have established grants for terrorism-related training and technical assistance for state officials. 

Worldwide Terrorism by Target

- Quarterly target data on terrorist incidents from the MIPT Terrorism Knowledge Base.

British Government to Change Counterterrorism Language

- Government officials will no longer use the phrase "war on terror" and other terms deemed "offensive."

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