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DHS Cuts Chemicals from Security Risk List

- The agency amended its original list of chemicals to regulate due to industry pressure.

Head of MI-5 Says Al Qaeda Grooming British Homegrown Terrorists

- British intelligence has identified 2,000 people with links to international terrorism.

Global Jihad, One Hit at a Time

- If the automated counting program is accurate, one of the main Internet sites for the al-Aqsa Martyr’s Brigade has registered more than 2 million hits. Sixty-two thousand people have visited a site of Palestinian Islamic Jihad. These are just two of the thousands of Internet sites dedicated to spreading jihadist sentiment.@ SM Online has links to some of the monitoring sites.

Safety Act Process Painful But Rx Planned

- DHS pledges to review the drawn-out approval process.

Osama: The Making of a Terrorist.

- The face of terrorism today is Osama bin Laden. Yet for all the publicity surrounding him, he remains an elusive figure who has become larger than life throughout the Muslim world. Merely mentioning his name evokes adulation among his devotees and revulsion in the Western world. When he issues a video or audiotape, terror alerts spike all over the world. Therefore, knowing as much as possible about him is useful for those  tasked with trying to counter his activities and those of his supporters. This book is an excellent effort to do just that.

Jargon Watch

- The meaning of antiterrorism vs. counterterrorism.

Feds Exit the Matrix

- Feds find that MATRIX isn’t “The One."

Islamic idealogy

- The oft-quoted Sun Tzu urged warriors to know their enemy. “Soldiers” in the war on terrorism would thus do well to get into the minds of Islamic terrorists. To that end, the Hudson Institute, a Washington, D.C. think tank, has issued Current Trends in Islamist Ideology, which pulls together the thoughts of various Islamist leaders and groups. For instance, the war in Iraq has melded together elements of Islamist ideology, including anti-Americanism, the excommunication of Muslims perceived to be collaborating with the United States, the view of the Iraq war as a “return home” for Muslim fighters after years in exile, and the transformation of ummah—the brotherhood of Muslim believers—into a political and strategic unit. Other chapters explore the ideologies of South Asian jihadi groups, radical Islamist ideologies in Southeast Asia, the penetration of Islamist ideology in Britain, the beliefs of Al-Jama’ah Al-Islamiya, and more.

Did You Know That?

- Even four years after the anthrax attacks, the public doesn’t have a good sense of the types, symptoms, treatment, and lethality of biological agents. The National Academies and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security have released a fact sheet that includes a grid depicting the characteristics of various agents. For example, tularemia has a typical incubation period of three to six days; is characterized by fever, cough, pneumonia, and headache; is not contagious; is moderately lethal if not treated; lasts for months in moist soil; lacks an up-to-date vaccine; and can be treated by antibiotics

Did You Know That?

- In 2004, financial institutions were the industry most likely to buy terrorism insurance.

EU to Outlaw Internet Terrorism

- Measure seeks to shut down "virtual training camps."

Building Blocks for Future Intelligence

- When Maryland State Police pulled over Ziad S. Jarrah for a traffic stop two days before he and 18 other terrorists commandeered and crashed  four aircraft on September 11, 2001, tragically the officer on the scene had no way of knowing that Jarrah was on a CIA watch list

Terrorism Insurance

- A report finds TRIA does not provide adequate financial protection.

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