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Terrorism Insurance

- A report finds TRIA does not provide adequate financial protection.

Anthrax Attacks

- NRC researchers issue recommendations related to anthrax.

Containing Cargo Risk

- Find out how the government and private industry are working to reduce the possibility of a terrorist using cargo to send a weapon of mass destruction into the United States.

The All-Seeing Eye in the Sky

- Some high-profile or high-risk companies now worry about having strangers take photographs of their buildings for fear they might be criminals or terrorists surveilling the property. The real threat, however, may be from above—from the eyes in the sky.

Mail Handling Reviewed

- Mail handling procedures at the U.S. Postal Service need improvement, according to an analysis of the Postal Service’s handling of the October 2003 incident in which an envelope marked “Caution: Ricin Poison” was discovered in an airmail facility.

Protecting Malls from a Terrorist Threat

- Shopping malls have always been vulnerable to traditional crimes due to the lack of controls at entrances. The shooting of two people at an upstate New York shopping center earlier this year, though not a terrorist incident, again raised questions about whether mall security could respond adequately to a terrorist attack or suicide bomber.

Spanish Court Convicts 21 for Madrid Train Bombings

- Seven acquittals show the difficulty of convicting suspects not directly involved with the attack.

Local Law Enforcement Counterterrorism Efforts Highlighted

- Senior police officers tell Congress why they are the "first preventors of terrorism."

From the Terrorists' Point of View: What They Experience and Why They Come to Destroy

- What makes Islamist terrorism tick?

Unconquerable Nation: Knowing Our Enemy, Strengthening Ourselves

- Among the many books that purport to point the way forward for America in the wake of 9-11, this one stands out, chiefly for its clarity and sensibility. It is often difficult to deny the common sense of Brian Michael Jenkins' commentary.  

Training in Israel for Terrorism in the U.S.

- When it comes to defending against suicide bombers and other terrorist tactics, the United States has much to learn from other countries that have developed effective measures through years of painful experience. With that in mind, a group of private security professionals and state and local law enforcement officials recently traveled to Israel and took part in an intensive seven-day training program hosted by Security Solutions International (SSI), a security training company located in Miami, Florida.

Worldwide Terrorism by Tactic

- Quarterly Target, Region, and Tactic data on terrorist incidents from the MIPT Terrorism Knowledge Base

Insect Insurgents

- Could bugs be the next terrorist weapon? A Boston Globe op-ed thinks so.

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