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Worldwide Terrorism by Region

- Quarterly Target, Region, and Tactic data on terrorist incidents from the MIPT Terrorism Knowledge Base.

You Might Be a Terrorist If...

- The pitfalls of profiling terrorists. (Updated)

Do al Qaeda Tapes Augur Attacks?

- Although there have been dozens of warning tapes since 9-11, there’s no clear correlation between a tape and a strike.

Defending the Homeland: A Military Priority?

- “The Department of Defense over the next four years must begin a fundamental shift in military doctrine and priorities so that this country is better positioned to respond to the threats of a post-Cold War and post-9/11 world,” say the report’s authors, Lawrence J. Korb, Caroline P. Wadhams, and Andrew J. Grotto.

Military Priorities

- A report by the Center for American Progress says that the military should take a proactive role in protecting the homeland.

Is Counterterrorism Working?

- A paper called The Effectiveness of Counter-Terrorism Strategies asserts that there is little evidence that counterterrorism strategies work.

Doing Business in Asia

- China, India, and other countries in the Far East are attracting many enterprises with their low wages and growth economies. Companies doing business in Asia need to understand the unique cultural issues and the evolving threats of the region if they are going to succeed.

Terrorism’s Economic Toll

- A report on the economic effect of global terrorism finds that attacks can have a significant negative effect on an economy.

Voices of Terror: Manifestos, Writings and Manuals of Al Qaeda, Hamas, and Other Terrorists from Around the World and Throughout

- Voices of Terror allows a peek into the emotions, principles, and rhetoric that often accompany tyranny, revolution, guerilla warfare, and terrorism.

Vocal Terrorism

- Synthetic voice technology could lead to identity theft and other ills say British scientists.

Middle East, Asia Drive Up Terrorism

- A look at trends in terrorist targets, methods, and research.

DHS Spending Ethics Lacking

- The ethics involved in science and technology spending at the Department of Homeland Security must improve, says a new report by the Government Accountability Office (GAO). According to the report, a potential conflict of interest may arise, given that many of the various portfolio managers charged with managing the different Science and Technology (S&T) portfolios were former experts from national laboratories. National laboratories received a portion of the S&T funds. @ Read the full report at SM Online.

Vulnerabilities Remain for Bioterror Threat

- Over one-quarter of states do not have sufficient bioterrorism laboratory response capabilities,” says the third annual study of the U.S. public health and emergency response capabilities by the Trust for America’s Health. The report brings to light several deficiencies in the public health sector and evaluates states’ abilities to respond to and mitigate the effects of a natural disaster or terrorist incident. @ The full report is available via SM Online.

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