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Six Years After, America Better Protected

- Two experts say that homeland security and intelligence efforts are more integrated and robust since that fateful September morning in 2001.

Al Qaeda's Resurgence Assessed

- The Washington Post’s Craig Whitlock reports on al Qaeda’s resurgence.

Fritz, the German Jihadist

- Concentrating solely on race or ethnicity in counterterrorism efforts is a flawed approach that creates an opportunity for the terrorists.

German Officials Thwart Terrorism Attack

- Three radical Islamists are being detained for their alleged involvement in a plot to attack the U.S. Ramstein airbase and the Frankfurt's international airport.

Everything is Not Terrorism

- If terrorist motivation cannot be found, arson should be prosecuted under the normal criminal code.

What’s Wrong with the War on Terrorism?

- Brian Michael Jenkins is one of the world’s leading authorities on international terrorism, currently serving as senior advisor to the president of the think tank RAND Corp.  He recently published Unconquerable Nation: Knowing our Enemy, Strengthening Ourselves, and Security Management. Assistant Editor Joseph Straw talked with him about the book, terrorism generally, and private security’s role.

Worldwide Terrorism by Target

- Quarterly target, region, and tactic data on terrorist incidents from MIPT Terrorism Knowledge Base.

Civic Minded or Still Crazy After All These Years?

- What part does community involvement play in terrorism prevention?

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The Power of Small Groups to Wreak Havoc in 21st Century Cities

- With the earth's population now more concentrated in cities than rural areas for the first time in history, small groups can wreak havoc like never before. A new report looks at the implications.

Padilla Convicted on Terrorism Conspiracy Charges

-  Via The New York Times:  In a major victory for the Bush administration, a federal jury here found Jose Padilla guilty on terrorism conspiracy charges Thursday after little more than a day of deliberations.  

First In: An Insider’s Account of How the CIA Spearheaded the War on Terror in Afghanistan

- First In is one of those uncommon cases. In it, author Gary C. Schroen offers a fascinating firsthand account of the logistical and operational planning behind the CIA’s implementation of the war on terror in Afghanistan.

Muslim American Organizations Denounce NYPD Report

- The release of a report detailing the path to radicalization and the threat of homegrown jihadists by the NYPD has led Muslim American organizations to denounce the report.

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