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Communicating Security's Value

- To prove security's worth, managers must communicate security's value to every facet of the organization.

First responders

- Two bills (S. 930 and H.R. 3266) designed to provide funds and training to first responders failed to go further than being considered in committee.

Principles of Security Management

- Whoever titled this book Principles of Security Management may have been overly ambitious. With such a broad title, readers could reasonably expect coverage of such issues as leadership, security surveys, and budgeting. Instead, fully half of the book is devoted to personnel issues. That's fine in and of itself, but a more apt title for this work might have been Personnel Issues in Security Management.

Smoking Guns and Paper Trails: How Your Words and Actions in the Workplace Backfire: What You Need to Know to Protect Yourself

- Along the book's 12 chapters, Tapper offers 126 "tips." They include ideas on protecting companies from internal fraud, external fraud, opposing attorneys, and disgruntled employees. One emphasis is on having a document-retention policy, which establishes a holding period for different kinds of information and requires the removal of outdated notes and related materials to eliminate paper trails.

What's the Value of Training Time?

- Many cities are considering bills that would mandate minimum training hours for security officers. Quality is not discussed, and that's a mistake.

Did You Know That?

- Prevention instead of response has seen only limited use on campuses. Fifty-six percent of the 90 college and university security directors surveyed by FJC Security Services Inc. characterize their campus security in regard to terrorism as "response mode." Yet 83 percent said that their security officers had received training "specific to preventing, deterring, and responding" to acts of terrorism.

Eyes on the road

- Truckers receive training to spot signs of terrorists.

Light Their Fires

- Discover methods for improving employee motivation and increasing company productivity.

It's Always Training Time

- One company tallies the benefits of Web-based training.

Bully Battle

- The International Association of Chiefs of Police has an antibullying program that can reduce the teasing that can lead to violence.

Demystifying Terrorism: Terrorism Awareness Training Course

- Terror on the Internet scores the highest marks this month, followed by a CD on demystifying terrorism.

Using Words to Defuse Violence

- Good communication skills can help security officers defuse tense situations and prevent violence.

Security Education, Awareness and Training: SEAT from Theory to Practice

- By encompassing the TEAM (training, education, awareness, motivation) model, security instruction can be tailored to the specific needs of the audience:

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