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Transportation Security Perspective: Interview with former TSA administrator Kip Hawley

- "I think they should do PreCheck for everybody...There’s nothing about a frequent flier that makes them more or less likely to be a terrorist."  

Airline Security

- Two bills, H.R. 4068 and S. 2044, introduced by Rep. Mike D. Rogers (R-AL) and Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME) would require the government to study the health effects posed by the use of backscatter x-ray machines at airline checkpoints.


- A bill (H.R. 3173) that would alter the application and distribution process for the Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC) has been approved by the House Homeland Security Committee. The House of Representatives has not announced whether it will consider the bill.

Rail Safety

- Learn about rail industry programs to facilitate reporting of safety and security problems at the Citizens for Rail Security and Protect the Line Web sites.

Surface Transportation

- A report from the Mineta Transportation Institute analyzes case studies of terrorist attacks against surface transportation targets, including what time of day terrorists tend to strike.

Random Acts of Protection

- Flexible, fast, and mobile, with multiple skills, VIPR teams hope that their random deployments are helping to keep terrorists from successfully attacking transit targets in the United States.

Morning Security Brief: Nigeria Plane Crash, Tokyo Subway Attack Suspect Found, Four Guilty of Denmark Attack Plan, and More

- New details emerge about the plane crash in Nigeria on Sunday. One of the last two suspects in the 1995 Tokyo subway attack is arrested. A Danish court finds four guilty of planning terror attacks. And more.

Passenger Screening

- Read through a PowerPoint presentation explaining the International Air Transport Association’s vision for the “Checkpoint of the Future.”

Watch List

- A Malaysian national may challenge her inclusion on the U.S. government’s No-Fly List, according to a federal appeals court. The plaintiff, ruled the court, has significant ties to the United States as a university professor who lectures and travels extensively. The court ruled that the plaintiff has the right to try and establish that she does not belong on the government watch list.


- An article published in The Journal of Transportation Security presents two researchers’ evidence that terrorists can defeat backscatter full-body scanners.

Full-Body Scanning Report

- Makers of airport body scanners are striving to address both security and civil liberties issues and to work toward a better checkpoint for the future. Here’s a look at where things stand, what is achievable in the near term, and the challenges that remain.

Mineta Publishes Study of Foiled Attacks on Public Transportation

- Many terror plots against public transportation start with unrealistic aspirations that are eventually scaled down to meet realistic capability, according to a newly released report from a transportation research group that provides insight into terrorist weapons and tactics against ground transportation.

Researchers Hope Lessons Learned in Second Intifada Will Open Dialogue About U.S. Transit Security

- Researchers at the Mineta Transportation Institute hope to open discussion of the safety of U.S. public transit systems with a study of attacks targeting bus systems in Israel, published on Thursday.

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