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- Suggestions for improving the US-VISIT program, such as better assessment of security risks, are offered in this report.

Chemical Security

- The Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Act of 2005 calls for security to be increased to protect against terrorist attacks at chemical facilities.

Studies Reveal System Flaws

- The Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS’s) American Shield Initiative (ASI)—a program of sensors, cameras, and databases that monitor U.S. land borders—lacks “key management capabilities” and has failed to define “key acquisition management processes,” such as those for tracking and overseeing contractors, says a report from the Government Accountability Office (GAO). The auditors note that DHS has not fully staffed the ASI program office and has only defined roles and responsibilities for 3 of 47 positions.

Third Stairway Rule Causes Controversy

- New building code guidelines, critics argue, will stop the construction of high-rise office buildings beyond 420 feet.


- The issues and challenges associated with catastrophic events are examined for lessons learned.


- FEMA’s weaknesses go beyond the initial poor response to Hurricane Katrina. This report looks at post-response fraud.

Chemical Facilities

- Chemical plant security  continues to be found wanting. Problems are being examined in congressional hearings and by the GAO.

Risk Assessments

- Risk assessments and protective measures for ports of entry and other critical infrastructure must be revised, says a report by the GAO.

DHS Struggling with Risk Management

- Insurers and financiers have mastered the skill of risk management, which entails anticipating future events, deciding which of those expected risks the organization will bear, and allocating resources to mitigate the rest. @ SM Online has the report.

Rogue Nukes

- International body charged with containing the spread of nuclear bomb technology has made progress

Has Spam Been Canned?

- Federal Trade Commission (FTC), which is responsible for analyzing the act’s effectiveness and making recommendations for changes, the act has given the FTC, the Department of Justice, and Internet service providers (ISPs) the ammunition to bring dozens of actions against alleged spammers; many of these legal actions are still in progress, but many others have already resulted in settlements.

DHS Spending Criticized

- The GAO found that the role of the portfolio managers was never finalized and that the S&T directorate does not require documentation of how determinations are made about where research and development projects and funds are directed. In addition, it was discovered that the portfolio managers were not required to attend ethics training specific to their jobs

Clearing the Way for Government Contractors


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