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Banknote Validation

- New magnetic sensors from MultiDimension Technology Co., Ltd., of San Jose, California, detect the magnetic properties of banknotes in financial anticounterfeit appliances including banknote validation, banknote counters and sorters, and magnetic card readers.


- The Titan Tag from Universal Surveillance Systems LLC of Rancho Cucamonga, California, offers a protection for boots, suits, and other merchandise without damaging pinholes or interfering with the customer’s shopping experience.


- American Dynamics of Westford, Massachusetts, has updated its VideoEdge VMS with critical new features for crime prevention and effective monitoring of high-traffic environments.


- Kaba Access and Data Systems Americas of Winston-Salem, North Carolina, has added the BioGard Pro to its product portfolio.



Art Protection

- The new Art Guard RF Wireless Module from Art Guard of Weston, Connecticut, uses radio frequency transmitters and patented alert technology to protect individual pieces of hanging art.

Retail Alarm Tag

- A new alarm tag is available from ADT Security Services of Boca Raton, Flo­rida. The Alarming SuperTag has all the features of a regular anti­theft tag with the added protection of an audible alarm from the tag.





Bank Fraud Solution

- FraudMAP for Business Banking is a fraud prevention and risk management solution designed to support online business bank accounts. New from Guardian Analytics of Los Altos, California, the solution analyzes, assesses, and highlights high-risk account activity in the complex multiuser business banking environment.

Retail Security

- Checkpoint Systems of Thorofare, New Jersey, has added two new products to its suite of CheckPro Shrink Management Software Solutions, which help managers monitor data from store functions. CheckPro IncidentReporter allows retailers to monitor the number, nature, severity, and cost of incidents such as stock losses, property damage, and crime, across the entire store chain.

Shoplifter Detection

- ADT Security Services of Boca Raton, Florida, has launched a new wide-exit detection system for retailers with wide or multiple exits. The Sensormatic Ultra-Exit AMS-1121 Detection System provides retailers with nearly eight feet of coverage between pedestals. It provides both audible and visual antitheft alarms and can also collect operational data, such as traffic counts.

Retail Data Reporting

- ADT Security Services of Boca Raton, Florida, has added a new Web reporting service for its Sensormatic SmartEAS Solutions. Now retailers can remotely access reports on operational activities via secure Internet connections. The Web reporting tool allows retailers to view all antitheft, people-counting, and operational data reports from multiple retail locations.

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