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Blast Mitigation

- Baltimore-based CINTEC America has introduced the Blastec Mini Isolator Bin, a blast mitigation tool that is ideal for use at airports, banks, post offices, and office buildings.

Explosives Detection

- ICx Technologies of Billerica, Massachusetts, has developed a new explosives detector under the Homeland Security Advanced Projects Research Agency Rapid Technology Application Program. The highly sensitive and lightweight Fido Scout can detect explosives under water.

Explosive Detection

- Fusion is an advanced checkpoint system that combines computed tomography for material discrimination and automated explosives detection with high-resolution two- and three-dimensional imaging to scan for weapons and other prohibited items. Developed by Reveal Imaging Technologies, Inc., of Bedford, Massachusetts, in partnership with the U.S. Transportation Security Administration, the system is designed to efficiently screen carry-on items.

Explosives Detection

- Designed for first responders, security checkpoints, military personnel, and K-9 support teams, the XD-2i portable explosives trace detector from American Innovations, Inc., of Spring Valley, New York, uses chemical reagents to detect explosive materials without false positives.

Explosives detection

- ICx Technologies of Washington, D.C., has developed the ICx Fido Explosives Detector, which is suitable for both hand-held and robotic applications.

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