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Senators Raise Concerns Over E-Verify as Illegal Immigration Detentions Drop

- Illegal immigrants with stolen Social Security numbers are still beating the federal government's employment eligibility verification system, warned senators yesterday at a subcommittee hearing. Meanwhile, government numbers show the fewest number of illegal immigrants caught sneaking across the border since the 1970s.

United States and Spain Formalize Program to Identify "High-Risk" Travelers

- The United States and Spain today formalized a program that identifies high-risk travelers at Madrid Barajas International Airport before they can board a flight to the United States.

Administration Plans to Send National Guard to Mexican Border?

- The Obama administration is planning to seek as many as 1500 National Guardsmen to secure the nation's border with Mexico, according to the San Antonio Express-News.

New CBP Rules Will Redefine Many Knives as "Switchblades"

- Customs and Border Protection's proposal to designate any knife that opens using a spring- or release-assisted mechanism a switchblade, thus barring its import into the United States, has provoked outrage on Capitol Hill as well as among sportsmen organizations and knifemakers.

CBP Testing Drone Along Northern Border

- Customs and Border Protection (CBP) has adopted a new addition to help the agency watch over the northern border in upstate New York: a Predator B Unmanned Aircraft System, according to WWTI in Watertown, New York.

New DHS Border Radiation Detectors Fare Marginally in Tests, Investigators Say

- Tests of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s next-generation radiation portal detectors slated for use at the country’s ports of entry yielded mixed results, spurring the government’s watchdog agency to recommend further testing and phased fielding of the devices.

Is There A Drug War Going On Inside the U.S. Government?

- That's what Bradley C. Schreiber, a former a senior adviser at the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) from 2007 to 2009, argued on The New York Times op-ed page yesterday.

Texas Prisons Implementing Screening of Criminal Illegal Aliens

- Texas prisons have begun implementing a new Obama administration policy to check the immigration status of all incoming prisoners processed, reports The Houston Chronicle.

Lawmakers Blast DHS Protective Mask Policy

- The Department of Homeland Security was roundly criticized during a subcommittee hearing yesterday for not formalizing the use of protective masks for border control agents after swine flu spread into the United States from Mexico, reports The Washington Post.

E-Verify Gains in Popularity Before It's a Must for Federal Contractors

- About a thousand employers a week are subscribing to the government's voluntary Web-based program to check on the legal working status of job applicants.

Obama Proposes $27 Billion Budget for Border and Transportation Security

- The Los Angeles Times breaks down President Barack Obama's $27 billion request for border and transportation security in the proposed 2010 budget.

Immigration Chaos: Solutions to an American Crisis

- Immigration Chaos charts how the "quagmire" evolved and what the United States can do to stop illegal aliens while welcoming legal immigrants.

Border Sheriffs Say Federal Government Must Do More to Secure Border

- Law enforcement officers from border states criticized the federal government’s response to border security issues at a hearing today, as officials outlined how federal personnel and resources are being used to respond to the various, and often violent, crimes associated with Mexican drug cartels.

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