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Bold Visions

- Defending bold ideas.

Security Becoming Less of a Luxury

- Security spending is on the increase, according to a recent report. Find out which industry sectors are projected to rise the most.

Handbook of SCADA/Control Systems Security

- This book represents a comprehensive overview of SCADA and control system security issues and analysis.

Q & A

- Two CPTED experts talk shop.

Eavesdropping Surveillance & Espionage: Threats, Techniques & Counter-Measures

- The overarching message of Eavesdropping Surveillance & Espionage is that security professionals must “grasp the serious nature of these threats and understand available counter-measures.”

Countering Fraud

- All companies are affected by fraud. It’s a disease that can cripple or even collapse a company no matter its size.

License to Steal

- Once the province of James Bond spy thrillers, espionage has moved into the corporate arena to target business trade secrets.

Wildfire Prevention Plans

- Colorado is facing the problem of wildfires head on using the tools of community outreach, technology, and legislation.

Active Shooter Response Training Manual

- This book does an exceptional job of identifying many scenarios—with varying threat levels, causalities, breaches, movements, and maneuvers—that responders may experience.

News & Trends

- Cruise line security comes under scrutiny, and several states refuse to comply with Real ID requirements.

Prepare for Liftoff

- Enjoy the launch of the new Security Management.

Building an Ethical Culture

- How strengthening a company’s ethics can help it manage the risk of fraud.

Security Science: The Theory and Practice of Security

- This text lays that theoretical foundation for understanding the application of security disciplines and its impact on the future development of the discipline.

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