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Security Budget Plunge

- About 44 percent of information security professionals with hiring responsibilities plan to add staff in the coming year, according to a survey by security industry organization ISC². In-demand areas of expertise include information risk management, operations security, and security architecture and models.

Despite Target Hardening, Abortion Doctor Murdered in Church

- The Kansas-based late-term abortion provider murdered yesterday had lived a life blanketed in security, according to various media reports.

New York City's Municipal Security Guards to Get Bump in Pay and Receive Benefits

- New York City security guards who protect municipal buildings and locations, including the Staten Island Ferry, have won wage and benefit concessions from their employers, reports The New York Times.

Maintaining Security in a Down Economy

- Security directors explain how they are maintaining security in a time of budget cuts.

Smaller Churches Lack Security, Experts Say

- Experts say smaller churches generally lack security plans that could help identify an attacker beforehand or minimize the damage of an attack, the Associated Press reports.

Just 2 Seconds: Using Time and Space to Defeat Assassins

- Attacks against high-risk individuals will have begun and ended in the time it took you to read this. 

Indian Firms Begin to Invest in Security Services After Mumbai

- Business firms generally have a hard time justifying significant investment in security and terrorism insurance, but Indian firms are beginning to realize how important it can be after the Mumbai terrorist attacks.

International Security Programs

- A new benchmark study sponsored by the Security Executive Council collected information on international security programs. Security leaders can use it to compare and improve their programs. Read a summary report of the first-stage findings online.

The New Bodyguard: A Practical Guide to the Close Protection Industry

- A guide for those who want to work as body guards—without the mythology.

Measures and Metrics in Corporate Security: Communicating Business Value

- As the security industry matures and security professionals increase their influence at the C-suite level, the importance of communicating security’s business value grows.

What it Took to Protect Obama Last Night at Grant Park

- As more than a hundred thousand people descended on Grant Park in Chicago to watch Senator Barack Obama's victory speech last night, layers upon layers of security protected the president-elect.

Force Multipliers Good and Bad

- Looking at force multipliers—good and bad.

LAPD Wants to Exclusively Provide Security on Hollywood Sets

- LAPD Chief William Bratton argues the current movie-set officers, many of whom are retired police officers, are not accountable to the police department.

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