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Speaker Spotlight—Steve Chupa, CPP

- Steve Chupa, CPP, former president of ASIS International and currently director of security for Johnson & Johnson, talks about the demons lurking in security directors' nightmares.

Do Security Alerts Really Work?

- Security warnings tend to lose their power once familiarity creeps in, experts say.

A Natural Solution to Security Problems

- How walking like a gecko and slithering like a snake may help solve security problems.

Security Guard Charged in Negligent Yet Improbable Firearm Accident

- A Long Beach, California, security guard has been charged with two felonies after breaking up a brawl outside a club in a move out of a movie, reports The Los Angeles Times.

Security Camera Catches Unusual Thief on Video

- After being robbed again and again, a nursery in Richardson, Texas, put up security cameras to nab the thief. What they witnessed after viewing the surveillance footage blew their mind.

America's Fire and Security Expo Product Showcase

- Products from the floor of America's Fire and Security Expo coming to Miami Beach, Florida, from July 28 to 30.

Making Sense of Surveillance Claims

- To get the most from digital camera systems, security managers must understand the terms manufacturers use to describe their products.

New Mexico's Private Security Watchdog

- Meet Robert Hamic: he uses his blog to keep other private security providers honest in New Mexico.

Managing Risk Across the Enterprise

- Security professionals who learn to transcend traditional management silos to help their organizations improve risk assessment and risk mitigation will have a permanent seat at the C-suite table.

Security Budget Plunge

- About 44 percent of information security professionals with hiring responsibilities plan to add staff in the coming year, according to a survey by security industry organization ISC². In-demand areas of expertise include information risk management, operations security, and security architecture and models.

Despite Target Hardening, Abortion Doctor Murdered in Church

- The Kansas-based late-term abortion provider murdered yesterday had lived a life blanketed in security, according to various media reports.

New York City's Municipal Security Guards to Get Bump in Pay and Receive Benefits

- New York City security guards who protect municipal buildings and locations, including the Staten Island Ferry, have won wage and benefit concessions from their employers, reports The New York Times.

Maintaining Security in a Down Economy

- Security directors explain how they are maintaining security in a time of budget cuts.

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