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Did You Know That?

- Anthrax attacks; China's demand for contractual security services.

Distinguishing Tourists from Terrorists

- The right to photograph the exterior of private buildings from a public place is protected by the First Amendment, say legal experts. So absent suspicious activity, photographers snapping photos should generally be left alone. That’s the case at the Sears Tower, for example, says director of security Keith L. Kambic, CPP.

Information Sharing Through Fusion Centers

- When Massachusetts opened its Fusion Center in October 2004, it became the seventh state to set up this type of information-sharing facility, intended to improve cooperation among federal, state and local agency personnel in the state. Major Robert Smith, deputy commander in the Massachusetts State Police, talked with Security Management about information sharing. Following are highlights from the conversation. (His remarks have been paraphrased to accommodate the magazine’s space limitations.)

Guarding Against Fatigue

- Strategies from the elite Escuela Campo Alegre for combating security guard fatigue. (Online Exclusive)

Alarm Monitoring

- A bill (formerly S.B. 453) signed into law by Tennessee Governor Phil Bredesen will require that, when responding to an alarm, monitoring companies attempt to contact the property owner twice—by telephone or other electronic means—to determine whether an alarm is valid before dispatching police. Tennessee is the second state to enact such a law. Florida passed a similar measure last year.

Federal Prisons Don't Have Information to Decide if Outsourcing Saves Cash

- New GAO report says federal prisons have no way to currently compare the costs of keeping inmates at federal prisons or in private prisons.

Two Security Guards Slain in Brazen Robbery in Philadelphia

- Two security guards, both retired cops, murdered in ambush and robbery.

Blackwater Founder Defends His Contractors

- Says his contractors are not cowboys before a congressional committee.

Blackwater USA Sought to Cover Up Deadly Iraq Shootings

- A new congressional report faults the State Department for its lack of accountability and its permissiveness regarding the private security contractor.

Licensed to Kill: Hired Guns in the War on Terror

- Robert Young Pelton, perhaps best known as the author of The World’s Most Dangerous Places, has given us a snapshot of life in the world of the PMC and the independent contractors who populate it. Licensed to Kill: Hired Guns in the War on Terror is an entertaining look at how so-called mercenaries have come to play an increasingly critical role in Iraq and how their metamorphosis into the more-expansive PMCs could go astray.

Discovery Rules of the Digital Age

- New rules for the discovery of electronic evidence go into effect this month. Also, a range of laptop locks, and a study of data theft from higher-education institutions.

Blackwater USA Leads Security Firms in Iraqi Shootings

- Private security contractor accused of more militant, aggressive stance.

Demystifying Terrorism: Terrorism Awareness Training Course

- Terror on the Internet scores the highest marks this month, followed by a CD on demystifying terrorism.

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