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- A security guard refused a date from a senior manager and sued the company for sexual harassment.

Racial Discrimination

- A company can be held liable for the discriminatory practices of a supervisor. In the case, an HR employee terminated an employee for missing work without permission.

Dealing with Crises

- A rise in security challenges such as crime, terrorism, and political instability makes it more important than ever that companies incorporate security plans into their core operations.


- A new Wyoming law makes it a felony to intentionally and surreptitiously record images of people in an enclosed area where they have an expectation of privacy such as a bathroom, shower, or dressing room.

Risk Analysis and the Security Survey, Third Edition

- Security and risk management are explained and tied together elegantly.

How to Become a Dangerous Expert Witness: Advanced Techniques and Strategies

- When it comes to serving as an expert witness though, the “dangerous” security professional is a huge asset, able to swing million-dollar judgments and carve out a lucrative niche.

Bodyguard Principles: Protection and Operational Planning

- Bodyguard Principles stresses how security and investigation are synergistic. Each chapter emphasizes the rationale behind, and the importance of, training.

America, Wake Up! Terror Prevention Steps We Must Take Now

- Topics include granting police powers to private security officers.

What Are You Worth?

- Overall, security professionals fared well in 2007. Read the latest from the ASIS International Salary Survey.

Dubai: Terrorist Target?

- Despite Western diplomatic advisories and its location, experts say Dubai is an unlikely terrorist target.

EAS Not a Silver Bullet

- A study on the effectiveness of covert electronic article surveillance technology in the fight against retail shrinkage.


- New laws regarding discrimination, captive audience presentations regarding unions, and employees failing drug tests.

Who's Liable Now?

- When someone gets hurt at a business, the guard company often gets sued. Select cases show how the courts interpret security provider liability.

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