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Catastrophic Disaster Planning and Response

- Oliver does an excellent job of covering this topic, providing tips even seasoned professionals can learn from and building the reader’s knowledge base with a historical perspective.

Book Review - Silent Safety: Best Practices for Protecting the Affluent

- This book’s focus is on asset protection of high-net-worth individuals and families, says reviewer John Friedlander.

Silent Safety: Best Practices for Protecting the Affluent.

- This book’s focus is on asset protection of high-net-worth individuals and families, says reviewer John Friedlander.

Morning Security Brief: GOP Convention Security, How James Holmes Amassed Weapons, Syria’s Chemical Weapons

- Tampa prepares for the GOP convention. Authorities reveal how the Aurora shooter amassed weapons. Syria admits to chemical weapons stockpiles, but says it would never use them against its own citizens. And more.

Book Review: Security Risk Management

- Wheeler believes risk managers should consider banning the term “best practices” from their vocabulary; he doesn’t think one size fits all when creating a security risk management program.

Editor's Note: When Did You Last Clean Out Your Mental Closet?

- When did you last question your security assumptions?

Legal Report

- Courts issue decisions on vicarious liability and immunity for security officers, and lawmakers consider bills on trespassing, whistleblowers, and data security.

Security Audit Secrets

- Using a simplified version of one of Six Sigma’s two project methodologies combined with its audit tools can generate outstanding results.

Morning Security Brief: Wrongful Convictions, Cyberattacks at NATO summit, Prison Riot Leaves One Dead, and More

- The National Registry of Exonerations. Hackers target NATO summit. The National Guard is called in to help quell a Mississippi prison riot. And more.

Criminal Interrogation and Confessions

- Most in the security and law enforcement fields would agree that publications by Fred Inbau and John Reid are typically recognized as being authoritative. The latest publication, Criminal Interrogation and Confessions, Fifth Edition by Inbau and Reid as well as Joseph Buckley and Brian Jayne is no exception.

Morning Security Brief: Bin Laden Anniversary Warning, A Social Network for Former Extremists, Iran’s Cyber-strength, and More

- DHS warns of violence for the anniversary of bin Laden’s death. A social network for former extremists launches. Experts discuss whether Iran is a cyberthreat. And more.

ASIS International Introduces World’s First Standard to Support the Code of Conduct for Private Security Service

- ASIS received ANSI approval for its standard, Management System for Quality of Private Security Company Operations.

Maritime Security Provider Calls for Inquiry into Viral Video

- A viral video of a security team firing on what is said to be Somali pirates approaching a vessel has caught the attention of a DC-area security firm who is now calling for an investigation into the incident.

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