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Bright Ideas

- When to embrace bright ideas.

Succession Management: A Structured Approach

- Dunbar Armored Inc. is using a new system to line up qualified candidates before critical positions open up.

News & Trends

- Cruise line security comes under scrutiny, and several states refuse to comply with Real ID requirements.

Industry & ASIS News

- Colin Powell and Jon Huntsman are scheduled to speak at ASIS 2014, and Edward Batchelor, PSP, is profiled.

Speaking Security

- Security Management is speaking your language.

Prepare for Liftoff

- Enjoy the launch of the new Security Management.

Security Science: The Theory and Practice of Security

- This text lays that theoretical foundation for understanding the application of security disciplines and its impact on the future development of the discipline.

Industry News

- The new ASIS Board of Directors is introduced and Jean Perois, CPP, PCI, PSP, is profiled.

Security Consulting, Fourth Edition

- Security Consulting, Fourth Edition provides an excellent blueprint for those seeking to use the skills, knowledge, and experience gained in the many years of their security profession to transition into the competitive arena of security consulting. 

The Successful Security Leader: Strategies for Success

- Harold Grimsley, CPP, has written a short but highly effective narrative of his experiences rising through the ranks of the security profession to become director of security for three major corporations.

Operational Mid-Level Management for Police, 4th Edition

- Author John Coleman, a retired major from a large metropolitan police department, provides the reader with solid information about leadership, especially as it relates to the decision-making process. Moreover, he addresses the relevant managerial issues that supervisors must be aware of to adeptly perform their responsibilities.

The Hive Mind And Universal Consciousness

- How companies are accessing the hive mind.

Introduction to Security, Ninth Edition

- This primer surveys the diverse components that make up a security function. It begins with the history of the industry, the role of security, career opportunities, security education, and the impact of the terrorist attacks of 9-11.

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