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Strategic Security Management: A Risk Assessment Guide for Decision Makers

- This book takes on the ambitious goal of bridging the gap between theory and reality in risk-assessment-based security management—and achieves it handily. The author emphasizes the fundamental responsibilities of today’s security managers: to assess risks, demonstrate them to justify costs, and accurately measure security’s effectiveness to manage it properly.

Industry News

- Insurance firm The Brownyard Group solicits nominations for a major service award, an update on ASIS guidelines, and Alex Omar Garrido, CPP, is profiled.

Industry News

- Attacks on personal computers, a security contract award from the San Diego Trolley Company, and the Air Force taps Boeing to provide a ground situational awareness system. Klas Nilsson, CPP, PSP, PCI is profiled.

School Security

- Read past contributor Guillermo Guevara Penso's new report explaining how he cut down on guard fatigue during shifts at the elite Escuela Campo Alegre. For more Guevara, read his feature Patrolling Performance in the September 2006 issue of Security Management.

Who's Who and What's Where

- (ISC)2, a nonprofit involved in educating and certifying information security professionals, has issued its '2007 Resource Guide for Today's Information Security Professional, Global Edition.' The 126-page almanac is available free from the Web site. It lists information about security-focused professional associations, conferences and trade shows, Web sites, online and print publications, and educational institutions in North, Central, and South America and the Europe/Middle East/Africa and Asia-Pacific regions. Read the resource guide.

Industry News

- The cost of falls in the workplace, CCTV at one of Canada's booming oil sand mines, and a new security degree program at Minnesota's Concordia University; plus, a profile of Murray D. Mills, CPP.

Who's Who and What's Where

- (ISC)2 has issued its '2007 Resource Guide for Today's Information Security Professional, Global Edition.'

Industry News

- Meet the ASIS International 2007 Board of Directors. Plus Frank M. Carpency, CPP, PSP, is profiled.

Industry News

- A new rise in retail losses, the ASIS International Middle East Security Conference and Exhibition 2006, and a profile of Dr. Ona Ekhomu, CPP.

Protecting Turkey's Heritage

- Turkey is renowned as a gold mine of antiquities, but housing them safely is a challenge that is not met equally by state-owned and privately run institutions.

New Chemical Solutions

- Find out how some plants are improving chemical facility security by choosing alternatives to hazardous chemicals.

Rattlesnakes and Other Surprise Solutions

- A profile of four of the approximately 150 sessions that will be presented in September at the ASIS International 53rd Annual Seminar and Exhibits in Las Vegas.

Sears Tower’s Well-Grounded Security

- The Sears Tower has reinvented its security program to help tenants feel both safe and at home.

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