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Security Management: An Introduction. Second Edition.

- It’s a pleasant surprise, then, that this introductory book is tight and on point—an efficient use of reading time. Intended to assist in preparation for the CPP exam, the book introduces learning objectives at the beginning of each chapter, followed by well-explained concepts and concise examples. Each chapter ends with a useful list of key terms and extremely beneficial discussion questions and exercises.

Motivating Through Appraisals

- A new appraisal system helped one company’s employees focus on goals while improving the bottom line.

Benchmarks in Compensation

- Link to those definitions via SM Online.

Learning to Love Confrontation

- Just as the best downhill skiers always lean forward, so do the best managers aggressively address problems.

Benchmarks In Compensation

- Find out how compensation trends are affecting your segment of the security profession.

Industry News

- ASIS joins identity-protection coalition, and Jeff Lee, CPP, is profiled.

Industry News

- Three of ASIS International’s guidelines become resources on the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s Web page devoted to homeland security; and Lynne T. Sienon, CPP, is profiled.

Industry News

- ASIS releases Salary Survey results and the information asset protection guideline. Kenneth R. Jones, CPP, is profiled.

Industry News

- An academic symposium explores homeland security curricula, and Baye Dia, CPP's road to certification.

2005 Security Management Index

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Lab Accidents on the Rise

- Accidents and missing shipments are increasing at the laboratories dealing with the world's deadliest toxins.

2006 Security Management Index

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Industry News

- ASIS International develops standards for the security industry, the Society establishes a partnership with Microsoft, and Donald J. Kimberlin, PCI, is profiled.

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