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- The New York Chapter holds its annual expo, and Derk J. Boss, CPP, is profiled.

Morning Security Brief: Weapons Ordinances, Medical Device Security, Graffiti Deciphering, and More.

- Wisconsin cities move to ban weapons in public buildings. Lawmakers ask the GAO to asses medical device security. Researchers are working on an app to decipher gang graffiti, and more.

Morning Security Brief: DNC 2012 Security, Al-Qaeda Wants Ricin, HTTPS Everywhere, and More

- Charlotte police prepare for the Democratic National Convention. Intelligence indicates al-Qaeda is interested in producing ricin. Kenya moves to regulate private security. And more.

Morning Security Brief: Murders in Mexico, Pregnant Prisoners, Radiation Detection, and More

- The number of homicides in Mexico rose 23 percent. The NYPD's new dirty bomb initiative. Special IDs for bomb blast victims in India. And more.

Morning Security Brief: Government Surveillance, Counterfeiting, Border Security, and More

- The government won't give Congress numbers on how many wiretaps it has used. DHS seizes 16 Web sites. Government agency social media sites are vulnerable. And more.

Morning Security Brief: Infrastructure Vulnerability, Fake Inspectors, and More

- New ways to hack into critical infrastructure. Oklahoma officials want drone-designated airspace. TSA warns about persons impersonating rail inspectors. And more.

Morning Security Brief: DNA Collection, WMD Directorate, Radiation Detection, and More

- A court rules that taking DNA samples is no different than taking hi-tech fingerprints. DHS scraps a plan for new radiation detectors. A man tries to sell a drone on Ebay. And more.

Morning Security Brief: Fast and Furious Operation, Taser Review, Police Shootings, and More

- An in-depth look at the guns to Mexico saga. A North Carolina city pulls Tasers off the streets for review after a death. Chicago sees more police shooting deaths. Nurses raise hospital violence awareness. And more.

Morning Security Brief: Norwegian Tragedy, Heroism, and Security; Drug Cartels; Use of Force; and More

- Norway grapples with tragedy and future security questions. LA Times details cartel activities. Victoria, Australia, considers stricter rules for private security. Websense warns against fake news links. And more.

Morning Security Brief: DHS Progress Report, Private Scanners, Employee Search Ruling, Anthrax Emerging, and More

- DHS issues a report assessing its own progress in meeting 9/11 Commission Recommendations. TSA adds more privacy to scanners. Vietnam may be on the verge of an anthrax epidemic. And more.

Morning Security Brief: Fake ID Law, TASER Lawsuit, Border Fence Funding, and More

- Harsher penalties for fake documents in Georgia. DHS says utility facilities may be at risk. Arizona solicits donations to build their border fence. And more.

Morning Security Brief: Detention Times, ISI-Backed Lobbyists, Biosecurity Technology, and More

- Cleveland, Ohio, mandates that suspects be charged in 36 hours or released. Newspaper blames violent crime on police layoffs. Iran shoots down a foreign drone. And more.

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