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Morning Security Brief: Visa Program Problems, Biker Gang Hacking, Facial Recognition Woes, and More

- The visa program's achievements and remaining problems are examined. Someone is leaking police files to biker gangs in Australia. States increasingly working to address wrongful convictions. And more.

Morning Security Brief: Psychiatric Holds, Loose Missiles, Diplomat Tracker, And More.

- Involuntary mental holds on the rise. Trouble with loose anti-aircraft missiles. An old security system is revamped to protect diplomatic personnel. And more.

Morning Security Brief: Major Drug Bust, Mobile Suspect Identification, DoD Cybersecurity, and More

- The Mexican army busts the country's biggest marijuana grow operation to date. A new app will make iris scans mobile. A study says crime is higher near airports. And more.

Morning Security Brief: Mumbai Bombings, Gun Control, Nuclear Security, and More

- Indian intelligence had no advance warning of impending threat in Mumbai bombing. In border states, a new requirement aims to keep guns out of the hands of cartels. Militants call for cyber-jihad. And more.

Afternoon Security Brief: Airport Breaches, Wi-Fi Security, Baggage Screening, and More

- Thousands of breaches at U.S. airports have occurred. A man who hacked his neighbor's Wi-Fi network and planted child porn on his computer is sentenced. A judge orders agencies to produce Secure Communities data. And more.

Afternoon Security Brief: Malware Risk, ER Security, Trafficking Legislation, and More

- U.S. receives software with malware pre-installed. NPR looks at efforts to secure emergency rooms. A new laser could reduce the effectiveness of RPGs. And more.

Morning Security Brief: Baltimore Sex-Crimes Unit, N.J. Restaurants and Armed Guards, Internet Piracy, and More

- Reports of sex crimes are up in Baltimore; find out why police say it's a good thing. ISPs and Hollywood ally to fight piracy. Restaurants in Newark now require armed guards. And more.

Morning Security Brief: 'Belly' Bomber Identified, Secure Communities, Employee Screening, and More

- Ibrahim Hassan al-Asiri is said to be the mastermind behind “belly bombs." A pipebomb is defused in Wyoming. Experts provide tips for using social media to screen candidates. And more.

Morning Security Brief: North Korean Hackers, Body Bombs, Maritime Security, and More

- Cyberattacks on South Korea seem to be coming from North Korea. DHS warns of surgically implanted bombs. Equipment deployed to scan for radioactive material on ships. And more.

Morning Security Brief: Drone Race, Afghanistan Exit, Neo-Nazis, and More

- China races to build drones and the largest surveillance network. Why Israel is on terror watch list. Neo-Nazis try to hide in plain sight. And more.

Morning Security Brief: White House Counterterrorism Policy, Wiretaps, 'Bedroom' Hackers, and More

- The White House issues a counterterrorism policy statement. More wiretap applications being processed. A new app brings background checks to the palm of your hand. Google liable for wiretapping. And more.

Morning Security Brief: Heroine Control, Iran Supplying Weapons, TSA Duped, and More

- More Heroin being seized at the Southwest border. U.S. says Iran is still backing the insurgency in Iraq. And TSA is baffled at how a man was able to crisscross the country with fake boarding passes.

Morning Security Brief: Border Violence, Trusted Traveler, E-Verify Suggestions, And more

- DHS documents contradict claims of cartel violence in Arizona. Travelers are willing to pay to expedite screening at airports. Skeptics of E-Verify say that it will hurt the U.S. economy. The Chinese have a new drone. And more.

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