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Credible Threats or Incredibly Overblown?

- Americans are known for our humor and skepticism, and it can be a great strength, but it can also cause us to make light of situations that deserve more serious attention.

Morning Security Brief: Police File Into Rio Slums, NJ Looks to Protect Bus Drivers, TSA Issues Holiday Bulletin, and More

- Brazilian police try and secure Rio de Janeiro ahead of major sporting events. New Jersey to put shields in city buses. TSA warns about threats to mass transit systems. And more.

Urban Area Perspective: San Diego

- Associate editor Matthew Harwood interviews Lieutenant Andy Mills.

Morning Security Brief: Anonymous Takes on the Cartels, Use of Force, Another Militia Plot Foiled, and More

- Anonymous crossing into dangerous territory as it squares off against Los Zetas. Another militia member arrested with ricin plans. Security guards in a San Jose neighborhood are accused of abusing their power. And more.

Morning Security Brief: Airport Assessments Improving, DHS Developing Social Media Guidelines, and Cyberattacks Target Defense

- The U.S. government has made progress in enhancing security at foreign airports, DHS is developing guidelines for culling social media sources, and a new report indicates that hackers targeted chemical and defense companies over the summer.

Morning Security Brief: TSA in Tennessee...Debunked, Soldiers and Rabies, Google's Latest Transparency Report, and More

- TSA's myth buster addresses reports of TSA checkpoints on Tennessee highways. The DoD warns troops about rabies. The number of government requests for Google user data rises. And more.

Refining Risk Management

- How to turn risk assessments into effective risk communications.

Morning Security Brief: Gaddafi's Fate, Ordnance Disposal, Secure Communities, and More

- Libyan President Moammar Gaddafi may be dead; U.S. working to confirm. Ukrainian researchers develop a nonexplosive ordnance-disposal method. Doubts about yesterday's Texas "terror plot." Was it just a bad prank? And more.

Morning Security Brief: Police Officer DNA, Cyberattacks on Control Systems, Domestic Militias, and More

- Police don't want their DNA in the national database. Anonymous may be interested in targeting utilities. One expert says DHS isn't tracking domestic militias. And more.

Morning Security Brief: Iranian Assassination Plot, NYPD Infiltrates Muslim Student Groups, Cell Phone Searches, and More

- An Iranian plot to assassinate a Saudi Arabian ambassador has been foiled, the NYPD has infiltrated Muslim student groups, and California Governor Jerry Brown has vetoed a bill that would require police to get a warrant to search cell phone data.

Morning Security Brief: Open Carry Banned in California, Android Malware, Drug Legislation, and More

- California bans open carry citing safety reasons. A law enforcement tool leaves Android devices open to hackers. Proposed drug legislation aims to regulate the actions of U.S. citizens in other countries. And more.

DHS Tries to SECURE Innovation

- A government program aims to usher security technology from the drawing board to the marketplace more quickly.

Morning Security Brief: FBI to Change Rape Definition, Domestic Violence, Cyberattacks on Utilities Increase, and More

- Law enforcement officials plan to define rape more accurately. Domestic violence accounts for one-third of all murders in Milwaukee. A sharp increase in cyberattacks on utility companies are occurring. And more.

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