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Morning Security Brief: Bioagent Leaks, Man Arrested For Capitol Attack Plans, Facebook Admits Tracking Users

- A new report tells of accidental bioagent releases. An al Qaeda supporter is arrested for a plot on the Pentagon and the Capitol. And Facebook finally comes out and admits to tracking users while they weren't logged in.

Morning Security Brief: 9-11 Anniversary Threat, Domestic Militias on the Rise, GPS Tracking, and More

- No arrests based on the tip received over the weekend of a 9-11 anniversary attack. An Iraqi militia leader is calling for his followers to suspend attacks on U.S. troops. Judges raise concerns over GPS tracking. And more.

Is It Really Possible To Trust Travelers?

- Part IV of Security Management's 9-11 Anniversary Special Focus: The newest attempt at a trusted traveler program.

Morning Security Brief: 'Credible' 9-11 Threat, 9-11 Commission Documents, Streamlining Forensics, and More

- Intelligence officials warn of a credible 9-11 threat. Many documents from the 9-11 Commission still haven't been released. And the UK work on streamlining forensics procedures.

Suspicious Activity Reporting

- Part III of Security Management's 9-11 Anniversary Special Focus: One of the architects of the Suspicious Activity Reporting program shares insights into its formation and expansion.

Morning Security Brief: Suspicious Activity Reporting, Harassment of Police, Libyan Weapons, and More

- SAR at the Mall of America. A New Jersey cop sues to have anti-police Web site shut down. Rep. Rogers asks the White House to secure loose weapons in Libya. And more.

Are We Still At Risk Ten Years After 9-11?

- This piece is Part I of Security Management's 9-11 Anniversary Special Focus. In this issue we examine the evolving terrorist threat and the progress made in understanding and countering it.

Morning Security Brief: DHS Alerts, Backpage, Rogue Tweets, and More.

- DHS warns of threats by air and by cyberspace. Attorney generals target Two people are jailed on terrorism charges for tweeting. And more.

Maritime Messages

- To comply with laws passed after 9-11, the U.S. Coast Guard uses an electronic system that can send secure messages to appropriate parties in emergencies.

Morning Security Brief: Drug Tunnels, Video Confessions, Corrections Contraband, and More

- DHS agents investigate a drug tunnel underneath a vacant supermarket. Critics raise questions about videotaped confessions of cartel members. The FBI plans to expedite background checks with the help of private companies. And more.

Morning Security Brief: Hurricane Irene, Police Ambushes, Flash Mobs, and More

- The East Coast braces for Irene. An analysis shows that many police officer deaths are ambushes. An Ohio fusion center adds detecting flash mobs to its duties. And more.

Tracking Digital Footprints in the Field

- By testing suspect computing devices on site, law enforcement can reduce forensic wait times and protect the chain of evidence.

Considering Civil Liberties

- More on suspicious activity reporting and the federal government's efforts to embed privacy and civil liberty controls into the process from Security Mangement associate editor, Matthew Harwood.

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