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Morning Security Brief: Hurricane Irene, Police Ambushes, Flash Mobs, and More

- The East Coast braces for Irene. An analysis shows that many police officer deaths are ambushes. An Ohio fusion center adds detecting flash mobs to its duties. And more.

Tracking Digital Footprints in the Field

- By testing suspect computing devices on site, law enforcement can reduce forensic wait times and protect the chain of evidence.

Considering Civil Liberties

- More on suspicious activity reporting and the federal government's efforts to embed privacy and civil liberty controls into the process from Security Mangement associate editor, Matthew Harwood.

Suspicious Activity Reporting

- Part III of Security Management's 9-11 Anniversary Special Focus: One of the architects of the Suspicious Activity Reporting program shares insights into its formation and expansion.

Morning Security Brief: Warrantless Tracking, Bomb Dogs, Credit Checks, and More.

- The government pushed to legitimize warrantless GPS tracking. Breeders want bomb-sniffing dogs to be more resilient. A new law in Connecticut limits employers' ability to do credit checks on potential employees. And more.

Reflections, Regrets, and Resolutions

- Part II of Security Management's 9-11 Anniversary Special Focus: ASIS leadership recount how they dealt with events on that day.

Homeland Security Announces Preparedness Grants for FY 2011

- Grant awards are less than last year, but Secretary Napolitano is confident fiscal responsibility will allow the country to do more with less.

Afternoon Security Brief: Police Scandal Brews in the U.K., U.S. Sued for Torture, and Union Pacific Upgrades Security

- U.K. Police are accused of mishandling data, U.S. contractors can sue the U.S. for torture, and Union Pacific agrees to upgrade security on trains originating in Mexico.

Are We Still at Risk?

- This piece is Part I of Security Management's 9-11 Anniversary Special Focus. In this issue we examine the evolving terrorist threat and the progress made in understanding and countering it.

Complacency May Be the Real Enemy

- How the threat, and our response to it, has evolved since terrorists flew planes into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.

Morning Security Brief: Body Armor Concerns, Wireless Communications Hope, Hacker Investigations, and More

- Military body-armor testing flaws revealed. A new wireless communication software holds promise for first responders. A look at how the FBI tries to trace hacker steps. And more.

Morning Security Brief: No Immunity for Rumsfeld, Drones in Mexico, TipSoft Expansion, and More

- An appeals court rules that two U.S. citizens can sue former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld for their detention and torture in Iraq. Officials confirm drones to be used over Mexico. Utah launches an online tip service. And more.

DHS Looks to Regulate Purchase of Ammonium Nitrate

- With an eye toward preventing another Oklahoma City-style terrorist attack, the Department of Homeland Security today issued a notice of proposed rulemaking to regulate the sale and transfer of ammonium nitrate, a commonly used chemical compound in agricultural fertilizer and explosives.

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