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Morning Security Brief: Lawmakers Discuss Border Issues, DHS Warns Oil Industry, and the Patriot Act Extended

- Lawmakers discuss border security issues, DHS issues a warning to the energy industry, and Congress agrees to extend the Patriot Act.

Morning Security Brief: Lapses at Northern Airports, Blackwater Founder Starts Private Army, and How Poverty Relates to Guns

- Drug traffickers are using northern airports to move contraband, Blackwater founder raises a private army on behalf of the United Arab Emirates, and a college grant leads to studies of poverty and gun violence.

Morning Security Brief: Aftermath of Bin Laden's Death, Concerns About Contractors, and Terrorist Suspects Arrested in Germany

- Analysis begins on of how Bin Laden's death with affect the global terrorism fight. Difficulties persist in ferreting out corruption among private contractors in Iraq and Afghanistan. German authorities announce the arrest of three suspected al Qaeda members.

Securing the State

- Sir David Omand questions whether Western democracies can develop a mature consensus on what is reasonable, prudent, and sustainable regarding our intelligence institutions.  

Morning Security Brief: Border Security, Terror Alerts, and a Guilty Verdict for Enron Executive

- Lawmakers and witnesses spar at a Senate Committee hearing on border security, the government contemplates replacing the color-coded terror alert system, and the conviction of former Enron executive Jeffrey Skilling is upheld by an appellate court.

Witnesses Express Outrage and Concern Over Full Body Scanners at Hearing

- Lawmakers this morning heard a litany of concerns and complaints from witnesses who testified that full body scanners were ineffective, invasive, unconstitutional, and possibly unhealthy.

Police Worry About Sovereign Citizen Movement, SPLC Reports

- The Southern Poverty Law Center says law enforcement from across the country have contacted it to report “a dramatic increase” in the level of sovereign citizen activity.

Allen: Government Leaders Don't Understand Today's Technology

- Senior leaders in the U.S. government simply don’t understand the state of the art in data technology, and until they do, intelligence fusion and cybersecurity efforts will falter, former Coast Guard Commandant Adm. Thad Allen said Thursday

Obama: We'll Raise $10.7 Billion for First Responder Communications

- The White House hopes to spend more than $10 billion on a dedicated national frequency spectrum band and network that will support voice and data traffic for first responders, President Obama announced this week.

DHS Backs Free Allocation of Open Radio Spectrum to First Responders

- The Obama Administration has come out in favor of simply allocating unused radio frequency spectrum to the nation’s first responders, rather than auctioning off the bands to wireless companies with the condition that they prioritize emergency traffic.

The Trouble with UAVs

- Software glitches, high costs, and safety concerns have limited the widespread domestic use of unmanned aerial vehicles.

The Trouble with UAVs

- Software glitches, high costs, and safety concerns have limited the widespread domestic use of unmanned aerial vehicles.

Walmart Partners with DHS on "If You See Something, Say Something" Campaign

- Walmart is partnering with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security in the agency's "If You See Something, Say Something" campaign.

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