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House Lawmakers Tell Obama to Fill Civil Liberties Board

- Democratic House members wrote President Barack Obama this week urging him to fill an independent oversight board created to protect privacy and civil liberties from executive branch overreaching in the war on terrorism.

Terror Threat Tracking System Shares Thousands of Tips from Locals, FBI Says

- The FBI’s eGuardian system has proven a robust tool for aggregating terrorist threat information, in particular suspicious activity reports (SARs), according to a senior member of the agency’s Counterterrorism Division.

Bullet and Powder Threats in Baltimore Expose Mail Security Screening Gaps

- A series of threatening letters that contained bullets and white powder sent to Baltimore's City Hall and circuit court have exposed gaps in how U.S. mail is screened for threats, reports The Baltimore Sun.

Security Professionals and Environmentalists Push for Stronger Chemical Security Regulations

- Some security professionals and environmental activists have joined forces to push the chemical industry to substitute inherently safer technologies for dangerous chemicals terrorists could attack. (From the March 2010 Issue)

Public Engagement

- Israel offers the United States lessons in how a nation can publicly engage its citizens to play their part in building a vigilant and resilient society. Read a Homeland Security Institute report on what the U.S. can learn from Israel’s counterterrorism efforts.

EU Condemns Fraudulent Use of Passports in Dubai Killing

- The European Union today condemned the fraudulent use of European passports and credit cards, obtained through the theft of EU citizens’ identities, in the murder of a senior Hamas official in Dubai last month, according to media reports.

Morning Security Brief: Aghanistan update, State Grant Questions, and Google Privacy Issues

- Afghanistan offensive tough fight for Marines, homeland security grant allocation questioned in Ohio, and Google faces lawsuit for alleged privacy violation at the same time that the saga of its own privacy being violated in China continues.

Cockroaches to Sniff Out Radiation?

- Researchers are attaching miniaturized radiation sensors to cockroaches with hopes that the bugs will one day be used to sniff out radiation in sensitive situations.

Obama Requests $1 Billion to Protect the Airline Industry and Its Passengers in 2011

- In its proposed 2011 budget for the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), the Obama Administration has requested nearly $1 billion to secure the nation's airports from terrorism-related threats on the heels of Christmas Day's botched attack by a young jihadist from Nigeria.

FAQs: Whole Body Imaging

- Security Management digs into the questions surrounding whole body imaging technology.

REAL ID Deadline Pushed to 2011

- Delay will allow people to use newer, noncompliant state-issued IDs for federal purposes like boarding commercial airline flights while Congress considers a reform bill.

Sensitive But Unclassified Info: Keep It Simple, Task Force Says

- The Obama Administration seeks to speed up information sharing and boost transparency by eliminating more than 100 different and often conflicting designations and markings used by different federal agencies.

Example of Shoebomber Worries Critics of Imprisoning Gitmo Detainees Inside U.S.

- Recently released court documents show that the strict restrictions placed on convicted shoe-bomber Richard Reid have been eased as his prison sentence has worn on, stoking fears that prisoners at Guantanamo will receive the same benefits if imprisoned inside the United States, according to Reuters.

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