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Napolitano Swears in Hacker on Homeland Security Advisory Council

- One of the 16 homeland security advisors sworn in by homeland security chief Janet Napolitano on Friday is a world-renowned hacker, reports CNET

Obama Folds Homeland Security Council into National Security Council

- President Barack Obama also announced the creation of three new offices dealing with cybersecurity, terrorism involving weapons of mass destruction, and resilience.

Report: Federal Freight Rail Security Must Go Beyond Hazmats

- The Transportation Security Administration must also emphasize physical assets and cybersecurity, while measuring mitigation efforts, according to the Government Accountability Office.

Dynamic Swine Flu Threat Will Persist Through 2010, Experts Say

- The U.S. public health sector faces the monumental challenge of administering two separate flu shots per person this coming winter, not to mention as many as three per child, according to a top vaccinologist.

Swine Flu Infections Rise to 245; U.S. in "Upswing," CDC Says

- The total number of people with confirmed swine flu infections climbed to 245 yesterday in 35 states as laboratories caught up on a backlog of lab tests, the Associated Press reports.

Senate Committee Okays Nominations for FEMA, ICE

- FEMA appointee W. Craig Fugate is director of the Florida Division of Emergency Management; ICE designee John T. Morton is Acting Deputy Assistant Attorney General in the Criminal Division of the Department of Justice.

Fusion Center Dialogue Continues

- Fusion center proponents and critics agree on the need for strengthened privacy protections in the post-9-11 information sharing environment.

FEMA Launches New Private Sector Website

- The Federal Emergency Management Agency has launched a new Website serving the private sector, part of a broader effort to enlist private organizations' help in emergency management and to bolster business resilience nationwide.


- 128 Number of DHS Safety Act certifications issued from 2004 through February to limit security vendors’ liability.

TSA Falling Short on Highway Risk Management: GAO

- The federal agencies charged with protecting the nation’s highway systems have failed to adequately coordinate their risk analysis efforts, share risk data, and catalog and measure mitigation measures, according to a new report by the independent U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO).

DHS Unfit to Run National Cybersecurity, Experts Say

- The Department of Homeland Security is not up to the task of protecting the nation's cybersecurity, and a comprehensive, coordinated strategy should instead be run out of the White House, public and private sector experts told lawmakers Tuesday.

Florida's Fugate Tapped to Head FEMA

- The eight-year director of the Florida Division of Emergency Management won accolades for the aggressive response to four hurricanes that ravaged the state in 2004.

Military Support Critical to Homeland Security, but Risky, Ex-Bush Official Says

- Military resources are invaluable to domestic emergency management, but they must come with a close eye on the Constitution, federal law, and the words of the country's founders.

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