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Critical Infrastructure Vulnerable to Hack Attack

- One company's SCADA software could allow hackers to shutdown or take over certain critical infrastructure operations.

DHS to Upgrade HSIN Information Sharing Portal

- DHS awards a five-year contract for upgrade of its primary situational awareness and information sharing portal for state and local partners, the Homeland Security Information Network (HSIN).

U.S. Will Require Online Registration for Foreign Visitors

- Residents of nations who can travel to the United States without a visa will be asked to register online with the U.S. government at least three days prior to travel.

CCTV for Airplanes?

- A European prototype tests the effectiveness of CCTV in detecting terrorist threats on planes.

U.S. Does Poorly in Peace Rankings

- The United States has fallen one place down in the 2nd annual Global Peace Index, but the index's creator says the world is more peaceful this year than last year.

White House Considers Unified Risk Management Model

- A senior adviser says President Bush will likely order development of a "comprehensive risk management paradigm" for the nation.

Beijing Tightens Subway Security

- The Chinese government did not say if the security checks are in anticipation of this summer's Olympic Games.

Threat Management

- The RAND Corp. recommends that governments closely regulate GPS-guided mortars, as they do shoulder-to-air missiles, before terrorists acquire them.

Homeland Security Hits High Schools

- The Department of Homeland Security has sponsored a program that teaches high school students how to deal with fires as well as the science behind them.

End in Sight for Pentagon Intelligence Unit?

- A controversial Pentagon intelligence office may be closed down, depending on the results of an impending review by Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates.

U.S. Federal Legislation: Homeland Security

- A bill (H.R. 1392) designed to track the use of homeland security grant money was included in the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) appropriations bill, which became law (P.L. 110-161) in December. The provision requires that homeland security grant recipients submit quarterly reports describing the nature and amount of each expenditure made using grant funds. This information will be published and made available to the public on the DHS Web site.

Bomb IQ

- A government portal that helps U.S. bomb disposal technicians keep up with techniques flourishing on the battlefields of Afghanistan and Iraq is opening to some private sector users.


- 4 The percent of cargo containers that were targeted for manual inspection at foreign ports because of red flags raised during screening but were never examined. Reasons for the oversight include difficulty getting to the container and refusals by the host government to cooperate.

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