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Morning Security Brief: Bin Laden Documents Published, Inspire Magazine Published, Sensitive H5N1 Research Published, and More

- Documents found during the raid that killed al Qaeda mastermind Osama bin Laden go online today. Inspire magazine calls for chemical and biological attacks. After months of debate, research showing how H5N1 could make the jump to humans is published. And more.

Morning Security Brief: Bin Laden Anniversary Warning, A Social Network for Former Extremists, Iran’s Cyber-strength, and More

- DHS warns of violence for the anniversary of bin Laden’s death. A social network for former extremists launches. Experts discuss whether Iran is a cyberthreat. And more.

Morning Security Brief: DHS and National Parks, Cybersanctions, Tracking Cell Phone Data Requests, and More

- House Republicans look to enhance DHS powers along the border. New sanctions issued against Iran and Syria. Legislation would require cell phone companies to disclose when they give information to authorities. And more.

Book Review: Blurring Military and Police Roles

- Blurring Military and Police Roles is a fascinating collection of scholarly essays on this subject from both the police and military points of view, as well as from historical, organizational, and operational perspectives.

Building a Tenuous Trust

- A new White House strategy to combat homegrown terrorism could backfire unless officials engage local communities.

A Model of Intelligence Sharing

- How the Colorado Information Analysis Center became a model for the rest of the states and the Department of Homeland Security.

Morning Security Brief: ISC West Awards Controversy, Hacking Tools Legislation, Merchant of Death, and More

- ISC West awards process comes under scrutiny. EU pushing to criminalize hacking tools. Russian angered over Merchant of Death sentencing. And more.

Morning Security Brief: The U.S. Continues Corruption Fight, Guidelines for Hiring Veterans, and Rules for Handling Chemicals

- Secretary of State Hillary Clinton vows to continue anti-corruption efforts. The government issues guidance for those seeking to hire returning veterans. And new rules are issued to prevent injuries in facilities that manufacture or use hazardous chemicals.


- The White House has outlined its implementation plan for countering violent extremism within local communities. Read more about the plan online.

Building a Tenuous Trust

- A new White House strategy to combat homegrown terrorism could backfire unless officials engage local communities.

DHS Gets Low Marks for Employee Satisfaction, Again

- Lawmakers want to know why Department of Homeland Security workers hate their jobs.

Hospitals a Weak Link in Nuclear Nonproliferation

- Radioactive materials are usually sealed in metal when used in medical devices. Unsecured devices, when paired with conventional explosives, could make a dirty bomb capable of contaminating a city.

Morning Security Brief: Watch List Suspects Released After Traffic Stop, Excessive Force, NSTIC Steering Committee, and More

- Two people on the terror watch list were stopped and released by police, according to data accidentally released by a Maryland police department. Swedish cops are under fire after shooting at unarmed suspects. NIST seeks a steering committee for trusted identities program. And more.

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