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Va. Tech Panel Releases Report on Massacre

- University officials, university police, and mental health system criticized.

Search Engine Safety

- Which leading Web search engines are the safest and which are the most insecure? Find out in McAfee’s latest study, “The State of Search Engine Safety.”

Study Contradicts Perception Police More Trigger Happy in Black Communities

- A new study finds police are significantly less trigger happy when deciding to shoot unarmed black men than the overall community.

Fingerprint Technology

- A government study on effects of scanner height on fingerprint capture found that it depended on whether the print was being taken from the right or left hand.

Effectiveness of U.S. Assistance Examined

- U.S. efforts to improve security, human rights, and accountability in repressive states have a better chance of success when states are already trying to convert to democracy - but even then, good intentions don’t always work.

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