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NYPD Developing Body Scanners to Detect Weapons, But Application May Still Be Years Away

- The NYPD is developing a new technology that would allow police to see whether a person was carrying a weapon from a distance, but technology fitting the departments' desired specifications may still be years away.

FBI: Crime is Down in 2011

- The number of violent crimes is down for 2011, according to preliminary statistics from the FBI.

Bipartisan Group Produces Crash Course on Nuclear Threats,Countermeasures

- The number of nuclear weapons worldwide has declined significantly, but the United States must continue to work to counter worldwide nuclear threats, says the American Security Project.

FBI Working to Release Data on Slain Officers

- Web site problems keep the FBI from releasing its "Law Enforcement Officers Killed and Assaulted" report.

Employee Theft:The Largest Source of Shrink in North America

- Employee theft was regarded as the greatest shrinkage problem by retailers in North and Latin America. It's also growing worldwide, according to the Centre for Retail Research’s Global Retail Theft Barometer for 2011.

Small Arms Survey Outlines Difficulties In Estimating Gun Ownership

- Current estimates say civilians own 650 million guns worldwide--more than three times the number owned by armed forces worldwide and more than 25 times the amount held by law enforcement.

Blame It On El Nino: Researchers Link Conflict To Climate Change

- Researchers at Columbia say they’ve found a link to climate cycles and civil conflict, while skeptics charge there's a political motivation behind the results.

Urban Area Perspective—Minneapolis

- Security Management interviews Rocco Forté, assistant city coordinator for emergency preparedness and regulatory services for the City of Minneapolis.

Implantable Medical Devices: Hacks and Countermeasures

- Vulnerability of implanted medical devices is the topic of a presentation at Black Hat. Elsewhere, reports indicate that researchers are already developing countermeasures.

National Security

- RAND Corporation recently released its National Security Research Division annual report for 2010-2011. Among the many security topics that the report looked at was counterinsurgency (COIN). Find out what works and what doesn’t.

Sustaining Nuclear Forensics

- Experts warn that a lack of specialists in the field of nuclear forensics may make it difficult in the future to trace the origin of dirty bombs.

DHS Unveils MassTransit Cameras That Mimic Black Boxes

- This morning DHS S&T will unveil its first technology certified under the SECURE program: a rugged, inexpensive, and terrorist-proof camera system.

Dollar Losses in Jewelry Industry Have Declined

- A new report says jewelry industry losses were significantly lower in 2010.

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