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Hope Rises in Africa

- Sub-Saharan African countries are making slow progress on governance, corruption, and basic political rights, says the World Bank.

HAndling Mail

- Get this new U.S. Postal Service guide on handling suspicious mail.

Kindergarten Cop

- Department of Justice Office (COPS) examines how to recruit, screen, train, retain, and supervise school resource officer.

Improve Coordination

- Coordination between the military and the private sector has improved, according to this GAO report, but some problems remain.

First - Responder Tool

- Find out how video game technology is helping first responders deal with hazardous materials.

Iris Scanning

- The FBI, NIST, and DHS are working to assess iris scanning technology.

Government to Release National Intelligence Budget

- One of the government's most closely guarded secrets will be outed at the end of the month.

Government Leak Compromises Private Intelligence Firm's Methods

- A government leak of an al Qaeda video has tipped off the terrorist organization to its IT vulnerabilities.

Business News

- The ASIS Foundation aids the U.S. government in a victim-services effort, and 9-11 hero Rick Rescorla, CPP, is remembered.

Quick Bytes: RFID planning

- The Department of Defense (DoD) is using radio frequency ID (RFID) tags throughout its supply-chain operations; by January 2007, all DoD commodities will have these tags.

Flight Crew Training

- The actions TSA has taken to develop guidance and standards for flight and cabin crew security training and to measure the effectiveness of such mandatory training are reviewed in a GAO report.

No Consensus on FEMA Focus

- Experts disagree on merits of FEMA preparedness function.

World Trade Center

- NIST's final report on the collapse of the World Trade Center has been released.

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