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- A federal appeals court has ruled that a company violated the ADA when it refused to reinstate an employee.


- FEMA’s weaknesses go beyond the initial poor response to Hurricane Katrina. This report looks at post-response fraud.

Drug Trade


Radiological Attacks

- he National Academies has prepared, in cooperation with the DHS, fact sheets on four types of terrorist attacks.1, 2, 3 and 4


- 64 The number of people at the State Department who process paperwork for security-sensitive exports such as weapons, which might explain why the backlog of unprocessed export licenses from 2006 numbered about 10,000 out of a total of 65,274 applications. The problem will only get worse as licenses are predicted to be up 23 percent for FY2007. By contrast, the Commerce Department, which handles more routine exports, has a staff of 351 to handle approximately 23,673 applications a year.

New Council to Help FEMA Look Beyond the Beltway

- A new council is intended to give state and local entities a better way to communicate their needs to FEMA and to avoid past problems with top-down policies that were formulated without local input.

Legal Report

- Must an employer investigate suspicions that a worker is viewing child porn at work? Plus, Congress on the Patriot Act reauthorization, identity theft, and border security.

Keeping Track of Firefighters

- When the Twin Towers fell after the 9-11 attacks, many firefighters lost their lives because there was no way to electronically pinpoint their locations or to tell them that the buildings were about to collapse. Since then, the New York City Fire Department (FDNY) has been seeking solutions to the communication and tracking problems that firefighters face in high-rise buildings.

Porn, Toys, and Homeland Security

- A 53-year-old man was arrested earlier this year in San Juan, Puerto Rico, on charges of possession of child pornography. The arrest was part of a U.S. Homeland Security Department initiative called Operation Predator.


- A new law (formerly H.B. 2661) prohibits discrimination based on sexual orientation. Under the new law, an employer may not refuse to hire someone or make any hiring inquiry into a person's sexual orientation. A company also may not discharge someone or discriminate in compensation based on sexual orientation. The new designation allows employees who feel they have been discriminated against to sue their employers for back pay, reinstatement, and emotional distress.

Patriot Act

- The Patriot Act reauthorization bill was signed into law (P.L. 109-177) by President Bush one day before 16 key provisions were set to expire. The new law makes permanent 14 of the 16 provisions of the original Patriot Act, which was passed by Congress several months after the 9-11 terrorist attacks.

Cargo Security

- The Coast Guard has issued an interim rule that will include several new items in the definition of "dangerous cargo."

DHS Struggling with Risk Management

- Insurers and financiers have mastered the skill of risk management, which entails anticipating future events, deciding which of those expected risks the organization will bear, and allocating resources to mitigate the rest. @ SM Online has the report.

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