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Smoke Alarm

- Gentex Corporation of Zeeland, Michigan, has introduced the Gentex Firebyrd Series, a photoelectric single- or multiple-station smoke alarm for use in commercial applications. The series is engineered to virtually eliminate nuisance alarms and deliver outstanding performance.


- The low-profile SSPKWLP Series from Gentex Corporation of Zeeland, Michigan, is a line of speaker/strobes that offers dependable evacuation signaling and visual alarms.

Power supplies

- Honeywell Power Products of Northford, Connecticut, has launched a new line of power supplies designed to solve power availability problems for expanding intrusion alarm systems.

Video management

- Cware Lite is an advanced networked video management platform that seamlessly integrates analog and digital video components for management and control of live and recorded video.

Motion-activated alarm

- Speco Technologies of Amityville, New York, has developed the Digital Deterrent System to help deter crime—not just record it.

Control panel

- Fire-Lite Alarms of Northford, Connecticut, has introduced the MS-9200UDLS addressable control panel, which combines the capabilities of a fire alarm control panel and a digital alarm communicator/transmitter into one circuit board.

Audible exit assistance

- NOTIFIER of Northford, Connecticut, offers the ONYX ExitPoint audible exit technology. Installed near building exits or along egress routes, the compact speaker produces broadband noise to lead people toward exits.

IP video support

- IndigoVision of Hoboken, New Jersey, has launched a range of IP video products supporting the H.264 video standard. The new 9000 range includes updated versions of products currently available in the 8000 range, such as transmitters, IP domes, and Networked Video Recorders.

Security system

- NAPCO Security Systems, Inc.,of Amityville, New York, has introduced the Freedom F64 Code-free Security System, which eliminates false alarms and maximizes account retention.

Alarm integration

- Honeywell of Morris Township, New Jersey, has extended the integration capabilities of its Vindicator V5 Network Security Appliance to its AlarmNet-i and MX8000 Central Station Receivers, enabling customers to remotely monitor existing systems of SIA-compliant alarm technology.

Security management

- Honeywell of Louisville, Kentucky, has launched Pro-Watch Release 3.7 software, which offers a complete security management solution, including access control, alarm monitoring, video badging, and CCTV system interface.

Power controller

- The Maxim 75D Access Power Controller from Altronix of Brooklyn, New York, features resettable PTC protected outputs to avoid damage due to short-circuit and over-current conditions.

Complete security solution

- Indianapolis-based Integral Technologies, Inc., has integrated its DigitalSENTRY Network Video Software and Intelli-M PoE control, plus a PoE switch and IP cameras, to make a “pure IT” end-to-end security solution.

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