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- A bill (H.R. 347) that strengthens penalties for trespassing on certain federal properties has been approved by the Senate Judiciary Committee. The Senate has announced that it will consider the measure.

Worth a Look: iHound

- Associate editor John Wagley reviews an inexpensive application for tracking Apple and Android devices.

Legal Report

- Courts rule on premises liability, privacy, and employment. Plus legislation on hiring, data security, crime prevention, and more.

Morning Security Brief: Security Business Booming in Mexico, Anonymous Obsession, Law Enforcement, Social Media, and More

- In Mexico more then 10,000 security firms bring in $3 billion annually. A security contractor is fired for his obsession with the hacker collective Anonymous. Former ICE chief says law enforcement have failed to use social media effectively. And more.

The Mark Center Makes Its Mark

- Learn how a new consolidated Department of Defense facility, the Mark Center, is setting the bar for physical security that will likely be adopted for other high-security buildings as well.

Book Review: Preventing Crowd Violence

- In "Preventing Crowd Violence," editors Tamara D. Madensen and Johannes Knutsson have collected a compendium of advice from international police and behavioral experts.

Morning Security Brief: Philadelphia's CWP Woes, Phoenix Retailers Fight ORC, Hospital Privacy, And More

- Reciprocity agreements put guns in the hands of violent offenders in Philadelphia. Phoenix retailers are increasing their countermeasures in response to increasing organized retail crime. Hospital employees fired for accessing patient information. And more.

Morning Security Brief: Waistband Shootings, Military Working Dogs, Missing Pigs, and More

- Almost half of waistband shootings in L.A. involved unarmed suspects. The Department of Defense wants to increase the number of military working dogs. A rash of hog thefts plagues the Midwest. And more.

Morning Security Brief: Murders in Mexico, Pregnant Prisoners, Radiation Detection, and More

- The number of homicides in Mexico rose 23 percent. The NYPD's new dirty bomb initiative. Special IDs for bomb blast victims in India. And more.

Morning Security Brief: Baltimore Sex-Crimes Unit, N.J. Restaurants and Armed Guards, Internet Piracy, and More

- Reports of sex crimes are up in Baltimore; find out why police say it's a good thing. ISPs and Hollywood ally to fight piracy. Restaurants in Newark now require armed guards. And more.

NYPD Releases Active Shooter Recommendations for Buildings

- The New York Police Department has released recommendations to their private sector security and counterterrorism partners on mitigating the risks associated with active-shooter incidents.

After Hostage Standoff, Discovery to Boost Physical Security at HQ

- The Maryland cable network company wants to install a high gated fence in its public garden and divide its lobby to create separate entrances for employees and visitors, according to a press report.

A Model of Security: How Andrews Air Force Base Remains Safe and Secure

- Security Management was given an exclusive tour of how the Air Force's 11th Security Forces Group protects Joint Base Andrews Naval Air Facility Washington, the home of Air Force One.

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