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Where Criminals Fear to Tread

- Use well-established environmental crime principles to make criminals conclude that it’s too risky to commit crimes on your property.

Draft Security Plans for the World Trade Center Modeled Off London's Ring of Steel

- Critics say the plan will create a traffic nightmare.

Religious Institutions

- Houses of worship aren’t immune to crime and violence, but there are security resources (here and here) out there to keep worshippers looking above rather than around.

House of Worship Security and Training Tips

- Last year's shootings at a Colorado mission and megachurch are a reminder that even houses of worship must address security.

Belgrade Embassy Lacked Proper Setback

- The recently attacked U.S. Embassy in Belgrade did not meet a key security perimeter setback standard, a State Department security official acknowledges. (updated)

U.S. Embassy in Belgrade Attacked

- Protesters angered over Kosovar independence attacked the U.S. Embassy in the Serbian capital of Belgrade today. (updated)

Illinois Campus Shooting Tests Security Plan--Also, Shooter Off Meds But Had No Prior Police Contact

- Yesterday's tragic shooting at Northern Illinois University again highlights the need for schools to have alert plans.

Fear of Parking

- Parking garages can use the principles of crime prevention through environmental design to protect patrons.

U.N. to Investigate Security at its Global Compounds

- The U.N. will review its security protocols after the suicide bombings that rocked the U.N.'s headquarters in Algeria's capital.

Guarded Diplomacy

- The charge of strengthening diplomatic and humanitarian locations is complicated by the need to secure vulnerabilities and ensure that the facilities are welcoming to visitors.

A Case of Rogue Gatherings (and other CPTED Tales)

- Find out how Canada's Police Service in Calgary has spread the word on CPTED and translated it into action.

Effective Physical Security, Third Edition

- Asset protection and management pose unique and ever-shifting challenges, but the foundation principles on which these fields are based remain the same. For those basic components of physical security controls, one need look no further than the third edition of this Lawrence Fennelly work. It's a compilation of informative essays written by security professionals expert in various topics.

IT Gains Clout in Making Security Decisions

- The convergence of physical and IT security might worry physical security experts who dread the idea of having to learn the intricacies of bits and bytes. But there may be little choice: As CCTV systems increasingly rely on data networks, vendors are beginning to pay more attention to the IT department.

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