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- Researchers develop blast-resistant train cars, and localities try to keep gangs out with injunctions.  

Tips on Crisis Communications

- Tips on crisis communications, and a look at how a con artist was able to sell fake explosive detectors.


- A new approach to problem solving from the bottom up, and researchers voluntarily lift a moratorium on bird flu studies.

Poaching Sites Sought

- Text-only version from February digital edition. Although the international ivory trade was banned in 1989, the levels of illegal elephant killings continue to rise, estimated to be in the tens of thousands in 2011 alone, according to statistics from Monitoring the Illegal Killing of Elephants. Some estimates go even higher.


- A look at the challenge of avoiding vigilance fatigue for those facing long-term security threats, and how the FBI uses television shows to help solve crime.


- Researchers examine how emotional cues in speeches can trigger violence, and the International Association of Chiefs of Police forms a comprehensive center for officer wellness issues.


- Experts examine the transparency of defense companies’ anticorruption programs, and a study looks at the rare but serious threat of hospital shootings.


- A new tool is helping authorities prepare for possible pandemics, and some schools are using RFID tags to monitor students.


- A report indicates that foreign nationals are not being screened before flight training, and a new study takes a look at the downside of using photographs for identification purposes.

Bully for You

- Bullying has gone virtual, and schools need to know how to develop policies that address cyberbullying while respecting students’ rights to free speech and other issues.


- Find out how Philadelphia’s City Center District helps coordinate police activities with business interests to reduce crime and make the city more attractive to businesses and tourists.


- A look at why crime statistics can be misleading and analysis of an appellate court verdict that exonerated an employee who stole proprietary code before leaving for another job.

A Monumental Task

- A physical security information system, which brings together multiple security applications, is being tested on the National Mall in Washington, D.C., home to national treasures like the Lincoln Memorial and host to key events from July 4th celebrations to the Presidential inauguration.

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