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Crisis Communications

- Research into the quality of radio frequencies when used underground could result in better communication among first responders.

IP Standards on the Way

- A leading team of IP video manufacturers are putting together a committee to generate interoperability standards.

What Are CSOs Worrying About?

- Chief security officers tell what keeps them up at night.

Cracking Down on Sex Trafficking

- The United States government is at the "end of the beginning" of raising public awareness about modern sex slavery, says an American ambassador.

The Wiki and the Intel Analyst

- Intellipedia, the federal intelligence community’s version of Wikipedia, is transforming the way analysts view, share, and dissect data, according to a U.S. intelligence official.

Patrols Gone Private

- A new program in California will put private security on the street to augment an overworked police force.

Another World of Intelligence

- The government is looking to virtual worlds as a tool to help employees make sense of a growing body of complex data.

Can Error-Prone Staff Be Spotted?

- Russian researchers and U.S. scientists have collaborated on a study to test nuclear workers' readiness for work.

Success for Federal Credentialing

- Recent government drills tested how government IDs help during an emergency.

The Greening of Security

- Discover the security implications of a company deciding to "go green" when it is building new facilities.

Preventing Wrongful Deportation

- The case of a mentally impaired person who was deported despite being a citizen has raised questions about the government's deportation procedures.

Is Private Industry a TSA Scapegoat?

- Government blames private industry for the lack of new security technology while private industry blames government for not encouraging the development of new technology.

Insider Theft, Fires, and Vandals Top List of Museum Concerns

- Museums should address insider threats.

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