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Another World of Intelligence

- The government is looking to virtual worlds as a tool to help employees make sense of a growing body of complex data.

Can Error-Prone Staff Be Spotted?

- Russian researchers and U.S. scientists have collaborated on a study to test nuclear workers' readiness for work.

Success for Federal Credentialing

- Recent government drills tested how government IDs help during an emergency.

The Greening of Security

- Discover the security implications of a company deciding to "go green" when it is building new facilities.

Preventing Wrongful Deportation

- The case of a mentally impaired person who was deported despite being a citizen has raised questions about the government's deportation procedures.

Is Private Industry a TSA Scapegoat?

- Government blames private industry for the lack of new security technology while private industry blames government for not encouraging the development of new technology.

Insider Theft, Fires, and Vandals Top List of Museum Concerns

- Museums should address insider threats.

FBI Bulletins

- Researchers have found that most people will omit the truth rather than tell an outright lie. People will also choose words that camouflage the truth without knowing that they are leaving behind clues for investigators to piece together, according to a recent FBI bulletin.

Intellectual Property Protection

- The National Intellectual Property Rights Coordination Center, an interagency mechanism created to coordinate federal intellectual-property-theft investigative efforts, has not achieved its mission, says a Government Accountability Office report.

College Football's Crime Connection

- New research indicates that communities that host college football games experience more assaults on game day, especially if the home team loses.

Homeland Security Hits High Schools

- The Department of Homeland Security has sponsored a program that teaches high school students how to deal with fires as well as the science behind them.

Will Your Vote Count?

- Academic and state studies find that electronic voting machines are vulnerable to tampering.

Communications Upgrade

- A problem with public-safety communications in an emergency may get solved as a part of the move to digital television broadcasting.

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