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Jargon Watch

- The meaning of antiterrorism vs. counterterrorism.

Did You Know That?

- Fraud boomed in the United Kingdom in 2004.

Fraud Artists More Skillful

- Crime trends in various industries.

C-TPAT: Ship-Shape or Shipped Out

- The future of C-TPAT.

Centralized Food Data Reporting is Lacking

- Is the lack of centralized data on some food safety issues a looming problem?

Feds Exit the Matrix

- Feds find that MATRIX isn’t “The One."

Did You Know That?

- Anthrax attacks; China's demand for contractual security services.

Can I See Some ID?

- Telling a real credential from a fake.

Freedom Tower Security to be Overhauled

- Incorporating more security into New York's Freedom Tower.

Can I See Some ID?

- I.D. Checking Guide: United States & Canada Edition and I.D. Checking Guide: International Edition depict driver’s licenses from all over the United States and the world. Most states are in the process of updating their licenses and have two or three styles of valid licenses. The guide depicts each license design that is valid this year. The cost of the U.S./Canada edition ranges from about $13 to $23, depending on the number of copies purchased. The international title ranges from about $22 to $35. @ For more information, go to SM Online.

Jargon Watch

- Metal detector vs. magnetometer - what is the difference?

A Diverting Practice

- Are your product diversion tactics legal?

Did You Know That?

- In 2004, financial institutions were the industry most likely to buy terrorism insurance.

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