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Emergency planning

- A wheelchair-bound person with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis was in a Los Angeles building when occupants were asked to evacuate because of a bomb threat. Other occupants scrambled down the stairs to safety, while the disabled youth waited for assistance. No one came, so the person struggled mightily to climb down three flights of stairs to evacuate. Fortunately, the threat was a hoax, but this type of situation is all too common for the disabled in disaster planning. The NCD report, Saving Lives: Including People with Disabilities in Emergency Planning, can be found on SM Online.

Home on the Page: Port Security

- The Coast Guard and port security.

Too Much Intelligence?

- Centralizing U.S. intelligence operations.

Jargon Watch

- CPTED, defensible space, and situational crime prevention--the differences.

Safety Act Process Painful But Rx Planned

- DHS pledges to review the drawn-out approval process.

Jargon Watch

- The meaning of antiterrorism vs. counterterrorism.

Did You Know That?

- Fraud boomed in the United Kingdom in 2004.

Fraud Artists More Skillful

- Crime trends in various industries.

C-TPAT: Ship-Shape or Shipped Out

- The future of C-TPAT.

Centralized Food Data Reporting is Lacking

- Is the lack of centralized data on some food safety issues a looming problem?

Feds Exit the Matrix

- Feds find that MATRIX isn’t “The One."

Did You Know That?

- Anthrax attacks; China's demand for contractual security services.

Can I See Some ID?

- Telling a real credential from a fake.

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