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Can I See Some ID?

- Telling a real credential from a fake.

Freedom Tower Security to be Overhauled

- Incorporating more security into New York's Freedom Tower.

Can I See Some ID?

- I.D. Checking Guide: United States & Canada Edition and I.D. Checking Guide: International Edition depict driver’s licenses from all over the United States and the world. Most states are in the process of updating their licenses and have two or three styles of valid licenses. The guide depicts each license design that is valid this year. The cost of the U.S./Canada edition ranges from about $13 to $23, depending on the number of copies purchased. The international title ranges from about $22 to $35. @ For more information, go to SM Online.

Jargon Watch

- Metal detector vs. magnetometer - what is the difference?

A Diverting Practice

- Are your product diversion tactics legal?

Did You Know That?

- In 2004, financial institutions were the industry most likely to buy terrorism insurance.

Checking on Sarbanes-Oxley

- Companies that have found SOX compliance far too costly have probably implemented measures well beyond the letter of the law.

Did You Know That?

- After a slump following 9-11, high-rise building construction is making a comeback. Only three new high rises broke ground in 2003, but eight began construction in 2004, according to the Building Owners and Managers Association International. According to an article in the June edition of BOMA’s magazine, “This comeback took many by surprise, because many feared that September 11 would drive tenants to mid-rise complexes in the suburbs into the foreseeable future.”

Did You Know That?

- On a single day during the summer, the FBI and law enforcement from 10 other countries conducted more than 90 searches around the world to crack down on illegal trade and distribution in software, games, movies, and music on the Internet. Investigators seized more than $50 million of pirated works during the raid, part of Operation Site Down.

Distinguishing Tourists from Terrorists

- The right to photograph the exterior of private buildings from a public place is protected by the First Amendment, say legal experts. So absent suspicious activity, photographers snapping photos should generally be left alone. That’s the case at the Sears Tower, for example, says director of security Keith L. Kambic, CPP.

Jargon Watch

- Everyone is familiar with the abbreviations HUMINT and SIGINT. Now “MULTI-INT” is gaining currency. MULTI-INT refers to the process of gathering and rapidly transmitting information from various sources in an attempt to detect a threat scenario. The term, which the RAND Corporation’s Gregory Treverton has called a current intelligence community “buzzword,” refers to collecting and assimilating various types of intelligence—human, signal, telemetry, and so on.


- 142 ½ Number of Arizonans per 100,000 population who had their identities stolen last year, the highest rate in the United States, according to the Federal Trade Commission. The lowest rate of victimization, 23.2 per 100,000 residents, was in South Dakota.

Do London Bombings Signal a New Course?

- Two weeks after suicide bombers killed more than 50 commuters on the London subway and a bus, a near-identical attack struck that same transportation system, though the second round of bombs didn't go off as planned. The second attack seems to mark the first time that a group affiliated with or inspired by al Qaeda has hit the same type of target twice within a few weeks.

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