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Did You Know That?

- Cities such as New York, Philadelphia, and Washington, D.C., have a reputation for high crime.


- 600 In billions of dollars, the estimated annual global trade in illegitimate (counterfeited and pirated) goods, according to Interpol and the World Customs Organization. That’s up from $5.5 billion in 1982.

Secure Flight Encountering Turbulence

- Several government groups have raised concerns about the viability of the latest proposals for passenger prescreening.

The Case Against Star Wars

- It’s been 20 years since a weapon was tested in space—the so-called “Star Wars” program of the Reagan Administration. Now, the president has revived the notion of space weapons, as embodied in an Air Force strategy to “dominate” space, through the use of weapons. Scholars at the Henry L. Stimson Center, a nonpartisan Washington, D.C., think tank, warn that militarizing outer space will create a galaxy of problems. A Stimson Center guide addressing these issues says that if the United States tests space weapons, “others will follow.” And if a space-arms race occurs, satellites could be easily destroyed by space weapons, which would lead to major disruption because satellites play a central role in government, the military, business, and emergency operations. @ Get Space Security or Space Weapons? a guide to the issues via SM Online.

Did You Know That?

-  Revenue from sales of chemical and biological detectors surged past $700 million in 2006, and is projected by forecaster Frost & Sullivan to reach $952 million in 2011. Purchases by the U.S. military have driven, and are expected to continue driving, these numbers.

Did You Know That?

- All 97,000 public schools in the United States are expected to receive hazard-warning radios, free of charge, from the Department of Homeland Security.

Scientists Allege Poor Nuclear Security

- Allegations of security concerns at a nuclear plant are debated. Plus, bad news for bullies, and a look at intentional and accidental threats to the food supply

Jargon Watch

- Demystifying terms used in the security industry.


- 80 Percentage of U.S. cities that say they have not received sufficient federal resources to achieve full communications interoperability during a crisis. That’s according to a 183-city survey on disaster preparedness conducted by the U.S. Conference of Mayors.

Pandemic Resources for Business

- Thwarting spy cameras, security for competitive advantage, pandemic resources, female suicide bombers, and laptop lessons

Bright Lights, Blind Cameras

- Thwarting spy cameras, security for competitive advantage, pandemic resources, female suicide bombers, and laptop lessons

Security Gets Offensive

- Reactive security is so 20th century. Today’s mantra is adding to the corporate bottom line, generating return on investment, or serving as a source of competitive advantage. The problem is how to turn the jargon into reality. Rachel Briggs and Charlie Edwards, who work for the security arm of the British think tank Demos, have spent a year examining multinational companies, seeking the ones that best align security with business objectives. They’ve found six common attributes of the most successful companies.

Security Market Trends

- Industrial Electroic Security Market chart.

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