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Rating Airline Risk

- iJet Intelligent Risk System has created a new service which rates airlines on safety audits, the age of the fleet, and the financial health of the carrier.

Preparing Buildings for Biochemical Threats

- A joint government report addresses several approaches to biochemical threats to buildings.

Not Just Playing Games

- Sometimes gaming is about more than just earning the high score and killing the "bad guys." Sometimes it's about saving lives.

Third Stairway Rule Causes Controversy

- New building code guidelines, critics argue, will stop the construction of high-rise office buildings beyond 420 feet.

Decoding the Digital Picture

- A look at some of the integral aspects of surveillance systems to help security directors make informed decisions.


- 37 Percentage of Latinos in Los Angeles who have gathered emergency supplies for the aftermath of a terrorist attack, according to the RAND Corporation.

Are Companies Valuing Intellectual Assets?

- Under Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX), public companies must disclose to the Securities and Exchange Commission matters that may materially affect financial performance.

CCTV at Another Junction

- Few places in public life are out of the eye of video cameras, subway and passenger train cars being one of the last refuges for the surveillance-shy. That may be changing, as rail security professionals consider expanding the use of cameras from stations and tunnels to the passenger cars themselves.

Do al Qaeda Tapes Augur Attacks?

- Although there have been dozens of warning tapes since 9-11, there’s no clear correlation between a tape and a strike.

Global Anticounterfeiting Plan

- Some crimes, like the counterfeiting of pharmaceuticals, are difficult for a country to fight alone. The World Health Organization (WHO) is urging countries to unite against this growing problem, which not only hurts corporations and raises drug prices but also injures or kills the victimized patients. In a new concept paper, WHO "seeks to launch discussions on a mechanism of effective international collaboration for combating counterfeit drugs," to include the adoption of guidelines and standards. The group would be known as the International Medical Products Anti-Counterfeiting Taskforce (IMPACT). The paper lays out proposed objectives and principles for IMPACT, covering topics ranging from amendment of national laws to the use of tracking technology. @ SM online takes you to the paper.

The National Electric Manufacturing Association

- The National Electric Manufacturing Association has released a standard that aims to make fire panels, or annunciators, more useful by making real-time information clearer and more quickly available. In part, it standardizes symbols for conditions, such as biochemical hazards, and the location of smoke vents and elevators. It also establishes equipment specifications concerning wireless and remote applications. @ Read the standard on SM Online.

Rogue Nukes Program Possible

- North Korea and Iran present probably the biggest threat of rogue nations gaining nuclear weapons. Other countries pose a danger as well, but a main watchdog over nuclear weapons, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), is hampered in its ability to ensure that nations are not developing clandestine weapons programs. @ The GAO report, including recommendations for future action, is at SM Online.

DHS Struggling with Risk Management

- Insurers and financiers have mastered the skill of risk management, which entails anticipating future events, deciding which of those expected risks the organization will bear, and allocating resources to mitigate the rest. @ SM Online has the report.

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