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Crime Fighters Collaborate

- A district attorney’s efforts to enlist banks in the fight against white-collar criminals has yielded results and helped to spark similar efforts in jurisdictions nationwide.



Jargon Watch

- Demystifying terms used in the security industry.

Security Trend Lines

- U.S. Biometric Access Control Market in millions of dollars.

Will Every Rat Have Its Day?

- Can wasps, moths, pigs, and rats be as useful as dogs in detecting dangerous chemicals? Researchers say yes.

Today Preemptive, Tomorrow Predictive

- Collecting data is all well and good, but the real question is how multiple data points can be intelligently reviewed to help security personnel make better decisions in real time. That's where security analytics comes in. @ The business of connecting the dots: the $1 billion intelligence and security informatics/analytics market is available on SM Online.

Security Experts Doing the Match


Jargon Watch

- Demystifying terms used in the security industry

The Concept of Security Providers' Accreditation

- Why the security industry should push states to develop accreditation standards for security officers

Never Bet Against Security

- An old Florida parimutuel adapts to the demands of new surveillance regulations.

It Does Not Pay to Delay

- According to statistics from the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), a fire breaks out in a building every 60 seconds in the United States. Automatic sprinklers can play a vital role in saving lives and preservation of property.

Fingerprint Advances Could Aid Investigators

- The latest in fingerprinting technologies.

Suspicious Activity Reports' Effectiveness is Questioned

- The role of banking regulations in fighting counterfeiting.

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