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Fighting Stalking

- A recent survey finds that approximately 3.4 million Americans have experienced stalking over a 12-month period, although what constitutes the crime makes it difficult to prosecute.

Maintaining Security in a Down Economy

- Security directors explain how they are maintaining security in a time of budget cuts.

Gang Activity

- There are more than 1 million gang members in 20,000 gangs operating across the United States, according to the FBI's annual National Gang Threat Assessment 2009.


- How prevalent is stalking in the United States? The Bureau of Justice Statistics recently released a comprehensive look at the crime.  

International Piracy

- See the latest statistics on piracy from the International Chamber of Commerce's International Maritime Bureau. 

Vancouver Shoots for the Gold

- The city is preparing for the 2010 Winter Olympics by hosting training exercises for government employees, procuring security equipment, and planning for threats.

An Index of Atrocity

- Academics in England have devised a new index to measure atrocities committed against civilian populations in conflicts.

Limits to the War on Terror

- The U.S. Navy has found that using the "War on Terror" as a justification to seize land in North Carolina just doesn't cut it anymore.

Diversifying Security Technology

- Companies that develop technology for government or homeland security applications should be certain that their products also have private-sector uses.

Prisons Struggle to Keep Out Contraband Cell Phones

- Contraband cell phones are an epidemic in prisons nationwide, but federal law won't allow state prisons to jam such transmissions because of  fears it may block emergency communications.

Ad Hoc Networks: A Key to Disaster Communications?

- Researchers and technology companies believe wireless, mobile ad hoc networks could help communication in a disaster or war zone.

Identity Theft Loose Ends

- Though progress has been made in combatting identity theft, the government must take additional steps to improve record keeping and information sharing.

Challenges for the New Administration

- The new presidential administration is facing a much more dangerous world than President Bush did eight years ago, according to David Kay, former International Atomic Energy Agency/United Nations Special Committee Chief Nuclear Weapons Inspector. 

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