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Tiny RFID Tags

- Two new miniaturized high-frequency transponders have been added to the Glass Tag family of radio frequency identification tags from HID Global of Austin, Texas. Each Glass Tag Vigo HF bio-glass cylinder measures approximately 0.1 inch in diameter and 0.5 inch long, and provides a 1,664-bit user memory. The glass enclosure ensures reliable transponder performance, despite potentially harsh conditions in finished tag production and field use. Each unit is manufactured via direct bonding technology, allowing the secure attachment of antennas to chips in thinner and smaller devices. The units can be password protected and offer a privacy mode option.


- The Fusion4 MSC-l is a multistream controller for loading products from refineries and chemical plants into transportation vehicles. Made by Honeywell Enraf of Delft, The Netherlands, the intuitive device interface enables all functions to be controlled in the field via a large display and integrated keyboard that act as a complete hazardous area operating station. Based on mobile apps, on­screen icons make the device intuitive, so training times are shorter and human er­rors are decreased. It is compatible with the company’s safe area device monitoring software package

Mobile Security

- San Francisco-based Zimperium has launched two new products to protect organizations from advanced persis­tent threats on mobile devices.

Compact Radio

- Kenwood USA of Suwanee, Georgia, has introduced a tiny two-way radio that can be worn on a lanyard or tucked into a pocket.

Cloud-Based Video

- Sony Electronics Security Systems Division of Park Ridge, New Jersey, and Next Level Security Systems of Carlsbad, California, have launched an affordable, scalable, cloud-based video surveillance solution.

Wi-Fi Repeater

- The Wi-Fi Repeater Extender from Honeywell of Melville, New York, extends Wi-Fi signals, expanding the number of locations where dealers can install Wi-Fi IP cameras.

Mass Notification

- Eaton of Long Branch, New Jersey, announced that its Cooper Notification business has introduced a holistic line of IP network-based mass notification systems.

Intercom Access

- The GateGuard Wireless Access Control System from Ritron Inc. of Carmel, Indiana, allows wireless two-way voice communication with visitors and remote control of gates.

LCD Monitors

- Because of growing demand for high-brightness displays, TRU-Vu Monitors, Inc., of Arlington Heights, Illinois, has introduced two new 15.6-inch widescreen sunlight readable monitors.


- Talkaphone of Niles, Illinois, has released a hardened, NEMA 4X rated call box with a handset for noisy and harsh environments.


- D3 Security Management Systems of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, has introduced a new handheld solution for mobile incident reporting and security tours.


- Talkaphone of Niles, Illinois, has added new self-diagnostic and reporting features to the VOIP-500 Series Phone/WEBS Paging Module.


- GAI-Tronics Corporation of Mohnton, Pennsylvania, has introduced new camera-ready emergency telephones to complement its line of RED ALERT Emergency Telephones.

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